I am 43 and I still love dolls –  I think it is just fun to see all their outfits and hairstyles and now with The American Girl – it is such an innovative company from sound studios to dj kits to ice cream shops to diners to teepees – it is amazing all the details that go into these dolls & their accessories & their clothes and their environments.  Every detail is so amazing – for instance my friend Lisa purchased a BANJO and it was mirrored and had a very cool metallic strap — this banjo strap is most likely cooler then one you can find online for a real human’s banjo —- and the outfit detail is so neat.  It is beautiful how they think of everything I noticed that they have a hearing aid to a wheelchair – I think it is so important that these dolls have personality, stories, they feel real and you can related to them. My dream would be to work with American Girl on a LIVARI collection for some of the outfits that would be awesome I would love that project – a doll that is an activist, eco – crusader, inventor – that would be amazing !

Are you ready to rock with us? American Girl Place New York is now open in Rockefeller Plaza!I loved that now you can custom outfits as well and the pricing is super fair – it allows one to start getting creative and really think out of the box.

doll 2

I attended THE AMERICAN GIRL PLACE NEW YORK GRAND OPENING BENEFIT Supporting The New York Public Library – I loved that in the gift bag you received a library card application form – we need to encourage everyone to have a library card and to read more – I grew up in my library and hope that children these days are still able to have that experience surrounded by books.

The night was filled with hors d’oeuvres, festive beverages, and divine desserts.

We visited the salon and had Caroline’s doll ear pierced & we went to the cafe and looked all over – I loved some of the interactive items they had where there was a mirror with moods and a cool pod chair – lots of fun photo opps throughout the store.

The entrance was on 51st street & Rockefeller Center – the store is bright and has so many great fixtures throughout the store.

New York City(75 Rockefeller Plaza) 

Take a sneak peek here of my time the night of the event :

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