Maddie Ziegler’s talks about her visit to Kahalari Water Park, the holidays and more

I just had the opportunity to chat with Maddie Ziegler during her recent visit to New York and we chatted about a lot in less then 10 minutes from  – it was like that 10 question game :

  • Where were some of her favorite places to visit during the SIA TOUR
  • Where she is looking forward to going on the SIA TOUR
  • A bit about how Australia is amazing
  • My friend Kahrianne’s little dolls and sketches – she sketched Maddie and Sia together for me to give as a little gift – the Sia dolls were sold at some of Sia’s tours so they are super fun
  • About the most awesome sounding water park that is inspired by Africa called Kalahari Resorts & Conventions 
  • How going to a water park is a great way to hang with family and friends and how they have a lazy river if you are not into the water slides
  • How water could be great to relax in after dancing
  • A bit about beauty and skincare and important it is to have a daily regimen
  • Fashion fashion fashion – where her line is sold – what the name of it is -and of course I had to mention I want to produce her fashion show collection — I produce shows have been lucky to work with some amazing talent so would love to work with her hope that is in the future – putting it out there 🙂
  • That my parents love to dance – they love to dance all over the place when they hear music they dance – they are big fans of all the dance shows and know her from the SIA videos 🙂 – we record them having fun on instagram – btw I don’t mention it on video but they are at @seniorsontherun
  • About some of her upcoming projects
  • And about some fun holiday traditions from Secret Santa to hanging with friends

Check out our video I am not the best on camera –  but thought it would be fun to have a little chat in person instead of just over the phone – it is inspiring when you meet young Entrepreneurs. I went to the Global Synergy Forum this past weekend and met so many amazing entrepreneurs  – a good bunch under 30 years old – it is amazing to see how our society is starting young – they are driven and pushing the needle – it is a great time to be alive to see everything from art to innovations.

Ok here is our video with our fun chat –



Since I blog about TRAVEL I needed someone to tell me about this awesome place  Kalahari Resorts & Conventions.    I had no clue this was so close to me right  in the POCONOS and they have several other locations so psyched it was Maddie who told me all about it.  I visit PA often and now this is definitely on my list. Lately I have not been traveling around the world like I used to because we just bought a house in Bushwick Brooklyn and we have a lot of renovations & because we have some other savings we are doing so small trips to see friends in the Hudson Valley or something like taking a weekend trip to Poconos to a water park place like Kalahari are more our speed today – it is a quick trip that seems so fun.

So we spoke about travel first and then we did get to talk about a bunch of other cool things like fashion and holidays ! So I am psyched that I now know more about a water park I never heard of it mixes three things I love together – fun & water parks / family time and I have a lot for Africa … I visited Kenya a bit ago and love the people, the culture, the opportunity to see all these animals in their own environments and be able to dance and have fun while there is a setting African sun or so many stars above your head – I love my memories from my trip to Africa –  and everything is so beautiful there so any reminder of that  transportative experience I am all about checking that out and I do have a lot for elephants so anything elephant decorative too I love – I can not wait to go myself this place. It is on my holiday list now.

I  knew Maddie’s work from her dancing in Sia’s videos – it is incredible to watch her modern dance -it is truly art.  Her dance work is graceful. As an artist and entrepreneur it is cool to talk to others.I heard how Maddie wanted to share this super cool water park experience with me as a travel blogger and thought it was a super cool opp to meet an artist, creative and an entrepreneur.


I also love that we got to chat about family and friends – family & friend time together is the foundation of building strong, long-lasting relationships. Anytime you can chat with someone about how important social time is with others – take that opportunity. I believe it is our social ties and community that keep us happy.  It would be so wonderful instead of buying my family gifts – another sweater – another pair of sneakers – I am thinking of taking them to this water park – how cool would that be – my parents hanging on the lazy river – racing down water slides ! Watch out my sweet parents from @seniorsontherun are about to go to the water park !  I think the cool thing about  Kalahari  – is that it seems like a place for kids – moms – dads – grandparents which is so importantSide note I didn’t mention this to Maddie but my parents are quite hip they listen to NEO & Rihanna and watch Orange is the New Black – they might be dancing gitty fools dancing in the middle of art collective in Bushwick btw my dad this art collective painted a wall with a street artist – or in the middle of the mall in front of Cost World Market so cool – and just love to have fun –you can check them out  @seniorsontherun – I think it is important to show how we at all ages need to have a good time – you can have just as much fun in your 70s that you had in your teens or 20s or 30s or 40s or 50s or 60s … and you can just have much fun in your 80s like my dad ! I hope they will be partying till they are 200 !

By the way if you did not catch Maddie in her big screen debut in Focus Features’ drama THE BOOK OF HENRY, directed by Colin Trevorrow, starring alongside Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay, Sarah Silverman and Lee Pace – check that out. I have to watch this soon – it seemed quite intense – we were about to watch it when my in-laws visited recently & then got distracted but definitely want to see this – I love Naomi Watts.

She also recently lent her voice to the animated feature LEAP! starring Elle Fanning and Nat Wolff. Maddie recently wrapped production on Sia’s untitled feature directorial debut.

In March, Maddie released “The Maddie Diaries,” a memoir about how she followed her dreams and worked hard to achieve success. The book debuted on the New York Times best seller list and remained there for several weeks. Also this Fall,  Aladdin Books will release “The Audition,” the first in a trilogy of young adult novels by Maddie about competitive dance.‎

In Fall 2016, Maddie unveiled her first clothing line MADDIE for girls and juniors. The collection can be found online at and in select Nordstrom stores across the country.

Her television credits include “Pretty Little Liars,” “Austin & Ally,” and “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.” In Summer 2016, Maddie was the youngest judge on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” alongside Paula AbdulJason Derulo, and Nigel Lythgoe. That is another show my parents love – they love all the dancing shows.

You can learn more too just in general what she is up to next on her instagram where she posts all her projects. Check out the video.

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