I love this website  - love this superfood veggie rotini pasta – it is so delicious and guilt free – with 25 Grams of Protein


  • Superfood Green: kale, spinach, broccoli, and green lentils.
  • Superfood Orange: pumpkin, butternut squash, and red lentils.
  • Superfood Red: tomatoes, red bell pepper, and red lentils.
  • Superfood White: cauliflower, parsnips, and green lentils.
  • Superfood Purple: beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, and red lentils.


The vegetables contained in the pasta, including tomatoes, kale, carrots and pumpkin have been proven by scientists to improve skin complexion over time and increase the turnover of skin cells. The added vitamins A and C allow the skin to firm up, delaying the progress of wrinkles. True beauty pasta !  Cybele’s Free-to-Eat Rotini is both delicious and versatile, not to mention vegan, kosher, grain-free, gluten-free, high-protein, and GMO-free. Each 3.5 oz. serving provides 1.4 servings of vegetables, 23 to 25g of protein and is a good source of potassium and vitamins A and C. Superfood Rotini is made without fillers, gums, or modified protein. Healthy and allergy-friendly pastas made from legumes have been on the rise, but never before have we seen so many popular superfoods incorporated as well. The MSRP for Cybele’s Free-to-Eat Superfood Rotini is $4.49 per 8 oz. box. For more information about the brand, please visit or visit the company online at or

Loving my pasta with Up Mountain Switchel so good !

Switchel has been consumed in the US since the late 17th century, by farmers working in the fields and working to maintain a strong immune system. In 2012, after hearing many great stories, trying various recipes, and experimenting with regional variations of the historical beverage, Ely and Garrett (owners) concluded their version of Switchel would be made with fresh ginger, the traditional recipe’s pure organic maple syrup, and a raw organic apple cider vinegar from North East orchards. With the modern day options at hand, this is the highest quality, healthiest, and, most importantly, most delicious way to carry on tradition. With a small bottling operation in a family barn, they began selling at their local Vermont farmer’s market.  I love this about the brand

Up Mountain Switchel is rooted in honoring heritage. Their purpose is realized through a partnership with The Stronghold Society with the mission to create a future where youth of Native and non-native communities are able to share the power of indigenous knowledge to inspire strength of mind, body and spirit. Spiritual vitality, the force of life itself, is something each of us has within. Through building skate parks in Native American communities, art and media programs, and supporting healthy living, the Stronghold Society cultivates indigenous knowledge to build leaders of the future. Your purchase goes directly to skate parks, art programs, and real impact. You. Us. Stronghold. Together.


I am really into spices – my mom just brought up about my father and his memory loss and I actually did some research and see how important it is to add spices into your life – turmeric, ginger – there is so much value to herbs and spices in your food more then just flavor. I really love Spice Islands®, the 75 year plus seasoning company allows home cooks and master chefs to explore and share new flavors, recipes and cuisines. The Spice Islands® line of premium seasonings has a small-batch, crafted approach to ensure that the highest quality flavors are always added to dishes.  With the exciting array of spices sourced from across the globe, Spice Islands® opens your kitchen to an international world of possibilities.  From cultivating long term relationships with farmers throughout the world, to handpicking many of the spices, to maintaining traditions of drying herbs and spices in the sun, raking them by hand and hand packing into small batches – tender care is put into each harvest to ensure the highest quality product.

Right now beyond putting spices in all our slow cooking dishes we are in love with our INSTANT POT we love to make a turmeric milk — this is a great one

Turmeric–  Turmeric is from the Ginger family and can be added to diets in numerous ways, including sprinkled on eggs, added to shakes, or as the star of our Golden Milk Latte recipe

This recipe I tried at an event with the brand and really love it :


A cousin of ginger root, turmeric has a rich, woody aroma and warm, pungent flavor.

Organic Ground Turmeric

A cousin of ginger root, turmeric has a rich, woody aroma and warm, pungent flavor.

Golden Milk Latte


2 cups Almond Milk

1 teaspoon Spice Islands® Turmeric

½ teaspoon Spice Islands® Saigon Cinnamon

1 teaspoon Pure Maple Syrup (or to taste)

¼ teaspoon Spice Islands® Ground Ginger

Pinch of Spice Islands® Cayenne Pepper

Just blend, heat and serve!

Also in my freezer these days you will find something I have been pretty religious about ordering at least twice a month – so I spread them out – DAILY HARVEST


Daily Harvest was born when Rachel Drori, a busy New Yorker and even busier mom, found herself craving one of those beautiful instagram-worthy smoothies. But with no time to research, prep, buy, measure and blend before work, she knew there had to be an easier way to get her daily dose of good. Today, Daily Harvest delivers varieties of delicious, whole food, superfood eats to your freezer.


Studies show that even just 3 days after being picked, many fruits and vegetables lose a significant amount of nutrients.

It is the price of a juice and to me the CHIA PARFAIT and OVERNIGHT OATS are a lot more substance then a juice so you feel like you are eating a whole meal for the same price or actually under – $7.75 per cup – you have to buy 6 in a box but still it is great for a little snack or meal if you are on the go.  You can also share one of those pretty nicely as a little snack. If I make two cups I can feed my family little bowls of oatmeal for 4.

And I just received the most AMAZING goodies in the mail

I am in so much LOVE with Bhakti Chai – this mission-driven natural tea company devoted to craft brewed beverages, vibrant flavors and sustainability. Female-founded and led, Bhakti makes award-winning, craft-brewed artisanal beverages that are full of flavor using organic and Fair Trade ingredients. In Sanskrit, Bhakti means devotion through social action!  I tried the Original and Unsweetened chai with as Elmhurst cashewmilk and I love it – I need more in my life asap

Brook Eddy, founder of Bhakti traveled to India in 2002. She was fascinated with a social justice movement based on Bhakti (or devotion through social action) and wanted to learn more about it firsthand. On the journey she fell in love with two things that would ultimately become the foundation for her life’s work.  The first love was this idea that no matter what your station in life, you have a responsibility to contribute to the community and doing so will have a pervasive and lasting impact. In the communities where she learned about Bhakti, families would invite her into their homes and share their experiences about how this social movement had impacted them and their communities over a cup homemade spicy chai. She couldn’t help but fall in love with its incredible flavor and aroma. When she returned home, she began brewing her own chai. Standing over the pot of steaming chai on her stove and inhaling the layers of fragrant spices, Brook was suddenly swept back into the chaos, colors and vibrancy of India and all that she had experienced there. When her homemade brew gained attention (and even addiction) from friends and neighbors, she decided to take the principles of Bhakti that she had learned in India and build a company on this ideal. This single mother of twins took a deep breath, quit her full time job, and dove into the process of bringing consumers a craft-brewed chai that was steeped in social and environmental change.


Another lovely company I just found out about is  :

Good Day Chocolate –

Chocolate…with benefits. These little candy-coated treats are so much more than just chocolate. Founded by a doctor, these guys take their chocolate supplements seriously. Each piece is packed with pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals and blended with Fair Trade dark chocolate or milk chocolate. So, whether you need a better night’s sleep, an energy boost or anxiety relief – we got you covered. There are two vegan options and none of their chocolates contain gluten (although they are not certified gluten-free).


You’ve had a long day and you just need some Sleep! Good Day Chocolate Sleep gives you 1mg of melatonin per piece, (maximum dose of 4 pieces) to encourage sleep. It’s easy and delicious, we recommend 1 piece as a staring dose an hour before bed, but not if you’re driving! Don’t forget to brush your teeth and Sweet Dreams!

Chocolate with benefits™:

  • 1mg melatonin per piece to encourage sleep, try just one, max 4 pieces
  • Take before bed
  • Non-gmo ingredients, all natural colors
  • Restful sleep in every box

CHOCOLATE with Turmeric*

Don’t be fooled by my spicy side; I bring cooling and soothing sweetness. I thrive on making tired, sore muscles happy again.

Chocolate with benefits™:

  • 400 mg of turmeric per serving
  • the perfect blend of sugar and spice
  • Non GMO ingredients
  • Made with Fair Trade dark chocolate

And there is more but go and check them out to find out what other beneficial chocolates they have available to you !

I talked a lot in the past about BONE BROTH – we make some of our own in the INSTANT POT but we get lazy or we like change and that is when we are always trying of Kettle & Fire, the first and only shelf-stable bone broth made with 100% organic and grass-fed bones.

I am loving their CHICKEN & MUSHROOM BROTH !

Organic mushroom chicken bone broth is loaded with amino acids, collagen, and proteins that heal leaky gut and improve joint and skin health. It’s also:

  • Made with organic chicken bones
  • Made with organic lion’s mane and portabella mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Simmered for 12+ hours
  • Contains 10 grams of protein
  • Free of all hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients
  • Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Organic, Dairy-free and Soy-free

Each carton of bone broth contains about 2 servings (16.2oz) of collagen-rich goodness

You may know bone broth as an excellent support for Paleo and Ketogenic diets. But did you also know it has a high content of collagen, protein and amino acids that improve skin, joint and gut health while fueling the body?

Two bros –  Justin and Nick Mares,  passionate about health.

It’s this passion for health and better living that drove us to create Kettle & Fire: the highest-quality, most convenient bone broth in the world.

They started this company after Justin first heard about bone broth in late 2013, while looking for ways to improve Crossfit performance. Around the same time, Nick tore his ACL while playing soccer (ouch) and was looking for natural ways to speed the healing and recovery process.

Justin wanted to get Nick some bone broth but couldn’t find …. No other companies were all organic, or used real bones that were from 100% grass-fed cattle. So this awesome company was created and I am super psyched – I love getting it online  – it is super easy check it out !


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