I love Chocolate and Ice Cream – I joke ALL THE TIME that I have to go to the gym so I can enjoy my sweets – I try to be very careful only a couple of times a week the rest of the time I drink tea at night or have my husband make homemade ice cream with protein and hardly any sugar !

But when I eat chocolate I love to indulge in the best and that is why I love the couture chocolate by Patchi who recently launched here in the United States. They were amazing to sponsor our fashion show – with all VIP guests getting one of a kind gifts and then all guests enjoying chocolate throughout the event it was amazing. The team of Patchi invited me to their launch part in New York at a beautiful space that had incredible views and beautiful decor. The food was so lovely and innovative and the drinks were delicious with shaved chocolate on top – I enjoyed every bit and of course loved to have some Patchi while I was there.  Here are some fun photos from party and some from the fashion show too !

Bad photo of me but you can see I am enjoying my lovely drink creation with Patchi chocolate shavings on the top – it is like dessert !


patchi 5

Look at this well curated food :

patchi 6

Some fun photos from our fashion show for LIVARI CLOTHING :

It was a beautiful event – Thank you Katie for having us.

I love Patchi I traveled it with me everywhere leading up to the fashion show we shared it with our fabric suppliers, our Brother sponsor, our models and more we wanted everyone to experience how generous we were for them being a part of the fashion show.

me with patchi

Behind the scenes prior to the show – I know I nibbled on a bunch of Patchi throughout the creative process :




Speaking of Chocolate :

My second year of going to the Chocolate show  – I want to thank Abbe who invites me – such a great show – last year I discovered a bunch of amazing companies including my friends at Hagelswag and Indi Chocolate and then this year I found the most delicious blend of flavors from KACAU

Kacau started as a company that wanted to make a difference in the chocolate world. It’s a business created by two friends one from Ecuador the other from Peru. The idea of creating Kacau was to create a distinctive experience on every chocolate bar, taking advantage of the world’s finest cacao beans produced in Ecuador. They worked with an artist to develop the designs on each bar. Having a chef in the team gave us an opportunity to play around with endemic flavors from the region. They created 11 original chocolate bars. Each bar has its own identity and flavor. We have carefully chosen the cocoa beans from organic fine flavored Arriba cacao grown in different sustainable farms of Ecuador.

I loved all the different flavors and loved the packaging.
I also enjoyed the Matcha Charcoal truffles from Baseema

and the Chocolate and Rosemary from Tavoro

choclate rosemary

A bit about the show : Following the enormous success of last year’s first-annual The Big Chocolate Show, the team behind the expo have expanded its reach for this year’s event, debuting a highly coveted Legends Of Chocolate Award  and working with chocolatiers, confectioners, chefs and retailers throughout the five boroughs to present Chocolate Week NYC with the blessing of New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s office.  The 2016 The Big Chocolate Show attracted over 5,000 attendees over the three-day expo, with professional experts, foodies, food editors and fans enjoying up-close-and-personal live demos, tasting and pairing classes and of course, a plethora of samples from chocolatiers around the globe at The Terminal Stores here on the city’s bustling waterfront.  “This year, we wanted to bring focus and attention not only to the always expansive world of chocolate, but to the people who have led innovations in the field. Our first class of ‘Legends’ reflects those individuals whose work has had a significant impact,” says TBCS’s founder Matthew Saravay, who also heads up event planning and production company Wizard Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “As we planned the show, we thought, ‘Why not create a week-long lead up to the expo, with opportunities for retailers around the city to showcase chocolates and sweets, while promoting family friendly activities that spur commerce?’ Hence, Chocolate Week NYC was born as well.”

The show is the first week of October you might have missed this year’s but get on board for 2018


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