You might have missed it in the middle of Time Square but go on  to find out more about the loans they offer and what they do to give back.

I know this is a green step to a something great and that is all we can ask from companies is to take green steps to a better world for us and I really do love this program that has created.

To showcase their work with American Forests that they did and what they plan to do moving forward they popped up in the middle of TIMES SQUARE with FOREST OF DREAMS

Lightstream  is planning efforts to maintain and grow urban forests and plan to hopefully plant the new 500 acres in U.S. cities – especially in Houston and Miami, both of which recently suffered a devastating loss of trees due to storms.

Through a partnership with American Forests, the oldest conservation organization in the United States, LightStream, the online lending company, has planted over 1,000 acres of wilderness and wildlife – a tree for every loan funded.

On October 18, Times Square was  transformed into a beautiful woodland oasis, a “Forest of Dreams.” The lush forest – filled with live trees- celebrated the 1,000 acres already planted and a push to reforest 500 additional acres this year. For the first 10,000 people who participated in the Forest of Dreams either in-person or online, LightStream plans to plant a tree.

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