I decided to take a challenge and try Cheribundi every day for 5 days while doing yoga and a run almost everyday.  I consider myself a good sleeper but my bed gets pretty full sometime with my husband and two dogs so it is easy to wake up quickly. I felt that Cheribundi just made me more relaxed so although I woke up a bit I did not roll around instead I would fall right back to sleep. I also loved the Cheribundi Protein version because it was so great POST WORKOUT for recovery and just filled with so many amazing ingredients that helps with you getting your antioxidants and helps with anti- inflammatory effects.

• Subjects who consumed two 8 oz servings of Cheribundi per day had more rapid recovery of strength, an 11% increase in their overall recovery status, and 49% less muscle soreness than the placebo treatment.

• Subjects who consumed two 8 oz servings of Cheribundi per day demonstrated significant improvements in sleep latency, wake after sleep onset, and decreases in insomnia severity.

The two Cheribundi items I tried :

  • Cheribundi Relax is made from Montmorency tart cherries, packed with natural melatonin for a better night’s rest. Valerian root is added to help you fall asleep even faster.




  • Cheribundi Protein tart cherry juice supports faster muscle recovery and has added Whey protein for the one two punch that build and repair muscleProtein

In recent months, this product line has been called the newest Superfood by countless nutritionist and media because the benefits, supported by over 50 scientific studies.

If you read my blogs you know I love to hear the process :

Requiring about 1,000 “chill hours” below 45 degrees in winter, tart cherries are hardier in winter than the sweet varieties, which fare better in the western portion of the country and fast-draining soils. Based on climates and topography, Michigan and northwestern New York are fertile grounds for tart cherries – with both areas featuring hilly tracts of sandy soils, and the protection of their respective Great Lakes, which temper the climate and form a buffer against summer storms. Cheribundi’s key growers, whose association with our company ranges from five to seven years, are located in those regions.

Cheribundi’s 80,000 square foot facility in Geneva, NY ( WHICH I WANT TO VISIT INVITE ME ! )  and proprietary juicing process is a key competitive advantage for them.  One of the key differences between their process and, say, traditional juices that are made from concentrate, is that their “gentle juicing” does not require higher temperatures that can often kill the benefits associated with tart cherries.  Cheribundi is “not from concentrate” designation indicates that they are pure juice without added water, sugar or preservatives. Though they do flash pasteurize at the packaging stage to kill bacteria, Cheribundi products are the end result of minimal processing and allowing them to deliver the full benefits of tart cherries.

What to expect !

Improved Sleep

Tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone secreted in the brain that helps regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle. Tart cherries are one of the few natural sources of melatonin. They have added two more natural sleep aids, Valerian Root and L-Theanine (a green tea extract), to accentuate this benefit and promote a better night’s sleep.

Get this !




Increased Stamina

Drinking tart cherry juice can help increase your energy levels naturally. The thing is, the majority of the calories in cherries come from natural sugars, which help boost your mood and increase your energy levels.


I LOVED it when I read this reach for CHERIBUNDI instead of that 3pm coffee :

So, next time you are feeling that terrible midday energy dip or feeling like you can’t make it through a workout, try drinking a bottle of Cheribundi and you will feel better in no time.

The benefits of tart cherries and whey protein are combined in this powerful blend for those with a more strenuous life or workout routine.

I mentioned I also tried : Cheribundi Protein which is designed to accelerate recovery and increase stamina.  Sweetened with Stevia, their Protein tart cherry juice has the same 8 grams of whey protein but with 1/3 fewer calories and 1/3 less sugar as our traditional Rebuild blend.

When looking around their site I found this info here that I really loved as well :

Love this about fighting cold season: 

  1. Yogurt and Kefir – Eating probiotic foods, such as yogurt and kefir, is a good way to replenish beneficial strains of bacteria, which promote digestive health and help prevent stomach aliments. Studies have shown that the beneficial bacteria can help shorten the duration of a cold and make symptoms less severe. And even more recent studies suggest that they can even help prevent respiratory infections like the common cold. That’s the best of both worlds.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar – Cold viruses tend to put your body in an overly acidic state, which makes it more difficult for your immune system to fight back. Taking Apple Cider Vinegar can help alkalinize or neutralize the acidity in your body so you are better able to kill a cold and squash its miserable symptoms faster. Try mixing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with warm water, honey and lemon. Drinking the concoction a few times a day should have you back to health in no time.
  1. Ginger root has been shown to be a powerful healer with amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can be a life saver for an upset stomach. Taking ginger can help with nausea and indigestion. It also helps warm your body, which helps your body get rid of toxins and other harmful invaders.
  1. Chicken Noodle Soup – It’s true! Eating Chicken Noodle Soup can help reduce the severity of a cold in 3 ways. The hot soup helps break up congestion associated with both colds and the flu, the salt in the soup helps soothe the throat, and the broth helps you stay hydrated – the most important thing to do when fighting a cold.
  1. Tart Cherry Juice – Like many other fruits and vegetables, tart cherries pack a powerful antioxidant and antiviral punch. Research has shown that vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds found in tart cherries can boost your immune system. Hopefully 8 ounces a day will keep your doctor away!



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