Inspiring change

The name Pukka comes from an Indian word that means genuine, authentic and top quality. When founders Tim and Sebastian set up Pukka, they wanted to reach as many people as possible to connect them with the wonders of plants. They also wanted to create a business that would bring benefit to everyone they came into contact with. Pukka is all about using business as a force for good, creating circles of benevolence so that people, plants and the planet can all benefit.

Big journeys are made of small steps. As passionate members of 1% for the Planet, Pukka gives 1% of our turnover to environmental and social causes. Just by buying our incredible organic tea and wellbeing supplements, you are helping to care for this beautiful earth.

The journey starts with the highest quality organic herbs, rich in natural oils, carefully sourced from across the globe.  There are herb farmers with a profound respect for and understanding of nature, the soil, and plants. Today, they are blessed to be working with thousands of Pukka growers in over 20 different countries around the world.

These farmers’ unrelenting hard work and enthusiasm, often in the face of tough living conditions, combined with their knowledge of plants and farming, still inspires us today.

Once collected and dried, the herbs are then analysed in the Pukka lab to ensure they meet stringent quality standards before being expertly blended using the wisdom of India’s ancient health system, Ayurveda by our master herbsmith Sebastian Pole. This means that every Pukka herbal blend is created with its associated health benefits in mind.

I love so many of the teas some I do love fall in what Pukka calls the ENERGY family

The Energy family features herbal teas powered by essential vitamins and minerals, to boost your energy and help you to feel your best.

With increasing nutritional demands being put on our bodies – whether that’s everyday emotional pressure and worries, or environmental factors such as pollution and toxic exposure, we often find ourselves faced with low energy levels and searching for a boost and a way to relieve some tension. Energy teas are designed for daily consumption to help you meets life’s toughest challenges head on.



  • Their Vitalise Superblend is a rainbow of 30 everyday energising and nourishing botanicals
  • Green tea and matcha provide energy and antioxidant protection
  • Their wild American Panax ginseng strengthens the core energy of both men and women
There are also incredible Turmeric teas that are so lovely

What is the Turmeric family?

Turmeric is one of Pukka’s herbal superheroes. The potential benefits of this vibrant root for our own wellbeing are vast, which is why they have created a whole range of teas!

In India, the Turmeric (Curcuma longa) root is known as the ‘Golden Goddess’. It has been used for centuries as a naturally powerful way to reduce inflammation and nourish and support both the mind and body.

They use an unique Wholistic™ extraction process to harness the full synergistic effects of all 200+ bioactive compounds.


  • Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • In India alone, approximately 140,000 hectares of land are used for growing turmeric (that’s an area just smaller than the whole of Greater London

I also was able to try some of the Immunity teas

What is the Immunity family?

Maintaining a strong immune system is key to keeping healthy. 

Nature provides us with some of the most potent and effective immune-building resources for optimum health and wellbeing. From elderberries with their exceptionally high vitamin C content, to the wonders of organic mushrooms to help build longer-term defence. Pukka’s formulas are uniquely developed to ensure optimum absorption of these nourishing ingredients, to help you tackle anything from the common cold and flu to respiratory problems, so you can be well and stay well, whatever the time of year.



Love you can learn so much about beautiful herbs on their website https://www.pukkaherbs.us/our-mission/pukkapedia/nettle/

Look over the products here : https://www.pukkaherbs.us/teas/


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