We are about to paint our home using this company we found on ANGIE’s list and I will say he is one of my favorite contractors we hired because he is dependable. There are so many contractors that have been flakes since we bought our home and it makes you so frustrated.  I am so glad we found Daniel Barthels of Perfectionist Painting here in the Brooklyn area.

They do projects inside and outside – when we had our roof done they really messed up our front yard paint and he redid the whole thing in a day it was beautiful.  They do projects I believe throughout the New York area.

Speaking of paint I just interviewed experts about BEHR paint about colors you might want to integrate into your home to make it more tranquil and zen. I am all about zen. We spoke about color and a bit about how to start a project and also how to work around your painting project.  It was amazing to talk to Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at Behr Paint and Sarah Fishburne the head of the Trend and Design team at The Home Depot all about paint and color. I hope I get to work with Behr and Home Depot more on her home project in Bushwick – we are trying to create a little film studio here for the blog so we need lots of work !



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