I recently went to visit an inspiring female entrepreneur Tamara Mayne. It is awesome when you meet someone that has a whole business originally that started as a hobby or passion. Tamara has a great story where she decided to make candles as gifts one holiday and slowly took candle making up as a hobby. Her first attempt wasn’t the best but she slowly tried different things and slowly became better and better with her techniques.  She continued to make them after and sold them on Etsy and she one day got a huge order which she then realized she needed to really focus on this company that she created and now she has a successful company in Industry City in Brooklyn and sells to top retailers including West Elm.  You can also purchase on her website at Her studio in this growing part of Brooklyn for indie manufacturers and cool stores near by including ABC CARPET & HOME coming soon…. Industry Studio is a place to check out for sure – from the food hall to the beautiful lawns with a great view of the Statue of Liberty.  It is the perfect canvas for some independent makers that are a growing force of energy in Brooklyn.  Tamara’s  studio is well lit and just warm  you can witness this cool collective of team members that all seem very calm and enjoying their jobs whether it is counting boxes for orders or setting up new candles.

It was a joy to meet Tamara who is so humble and has this beautiful way of describing this brand that started as a passion hobby and turned into a beautiful business.  It is so interesting to hear her talk about scents and how you can mix certain scents together.  I also love that she is doing some amazing collaborations from working with a Chai company to West Elm.  Tamara comes with a background of graphic design & art direction so you can see this in all the candle design – the scent & quality is first but just as important is the type and graphics on each candle.  I love the names and ideas behind the candles from a LOVE POTION to an AURA.  I love the travel candles as well.  She found this incredible gold tin that is brushed and feels you just found it in a vintage treasure.  Her candles are perfect for those beautiful stores in the Catskills that pair antiques with beautiful gift items.  I read something that mentions how there is a meditative approach within the studio and you get that vibe when you enter it is super calm and just a zen vibe all around. I loved to that Tamara is influenced by botanicals – so it is all real nothing that feels synthetic or created – they are clean scents from plants and nature. She founded the studio in 2013.

brooklyn candle 4

Originally from Virginia, Tamara studied Studio Art and Economics at the University of Virginia before moving to New York City. After working a series of jobs in finance and tech, her desire to work in a creative field led her to enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology to study Graphic Design in 2009. Tamara is a proud new mom who loves getting lost in design magazines, exploring Brooklyn, singing karaoke, and indulging her sweet tooth. A few fun facts: she’s played piano since age 5, is 3/4 Filipina, and lives in Park Slope with her husband and baby boy. I love that there was a little area for her son which we spoke a bit about the balance of working and running your own business and motherhood.   It is amazing this entrepreneur started this in her house mixing fragrances and melting wax and now she sells to 300 stores in 17 countries. She is making about 80,000+ candles a year in the studio – that is amazing.  Also she loves my favorite ice cream place too – AMPLE HILLS CREAMERY. Smart lady !


It is so beautiful to meet a true artist.  She has always been interested in both art and craft and you can see this creative energy throughout the studio. 

The candles are done in small batches and all you know feel like they are getting TLC by those that make them.  They are made with with natural waxes, cotton wicks, and botanical perfume oils.  They are simple and minimal with a hint of vintage charm, they are designed to complement every style of home from modern to bohemian. Production is kept small and simple — candles are poured in batches of 9 or 10. Each candle, from wicking to wax melting to pouring and wick-cutting, is created with the utmost care and precision. I love because Livari is as well – this company is sustainable.  They use 100% soy wax and clean-burning ingredient, as the base for all our candles. They melt the wax and mix phthlate-free fragrances and essential oils in, and allow the candles to cure to completion. The soy beans from which their  wax is derived from is grown and converted into wax in the USA.

Check out some of the candles – everything is extremely reasonably priced and amazing gift price points.

Pick 4 Gold Travel Candles - Boxed Set


$ 55.00

These are 4 oz and and here are the juicy and yummy scents – sweet fig ! seriously ! and peony – I love the smell of PEONY !
You have lavender, Green Tea Lemongrass, Cedarwood Vanilla, Montana Forest, Sweet Fig, Fern + Moss and so many more – I want them all oh and for all your Pumpkin Latte Lovers – there is a Pumpkin and even a Christmas Tree !

Treat yourself to a delightful scent combination (120 glorious hours!) of your choosing. Also works as a wonderful and personal gift for the candle lovers in your life. Whether they’re a woodsy, floral, earthy, or citrus type (or any combination, really) you can handpick the scents you know he or she will love. The best part about this set is the candles will arrive packaged in a white gift box—always a delightful surprise for the lucky one on the receiving end (even if that person is you). Made in Brooklyn, New York with 100% soy derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn. Uses a lead-free cotton wick primed with vegetable based wax and premium grade fragrance oil. No added dyes or chemicals.

Burn time: Approx. 30 hours per candle / 120 hours combined burn time
Height: 1.75″
Diameter: 2.5″

 Then you have the super cool modern mason jars for $40.00 you can pick two – what a great gift !
candle packaging
I love this group too which includes that Love Potion scent – they sent me one of these and I love it – it is so special.


folk and fleura header

brooklyn candle 6
Love Potion #9
Exotic notes of jasmine blossoms, calming lavender, and bright mandarin—an olfactory experience reminiscent of a freshly picked bouquet of wildflowers.
Hand poured into elegant straight sided clear glass jars with modern minimal textured paper labels. Perfect next to a bud vase filled with freshly picked blooms or your prettiest succulent on a mantle, nightstand, or coffee table. The brushed gold lids instantly make your candle travel-friendly.
Diameter: 2.88 in
Height: 3.5 in
Net Wt: 9 oz
Burn time: 65 hours
They did a special one with West Elm for Valentine’s Day love this graphic packaging as well
brooklyn candle 8
Treat yourself – buy a candle –

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