I have always been a fan of Todd Oldham from HOUSE OF STYLE to his store in SoHo – I couldn’t wait to go to his store and I got this fantastic colorful backpack that I wore so much – it was tie dye and had patches and just made me  smile.  I remember anytime seeing Todd Oldham at an even whether it was a fashion event or a press preview he always looked so happy and approachable and welcoming – total good vibes. When I was invited to visit the headquarters of KID MADE MODERN by Todd Oldham I jumped at the chance.  I love these kits and yes they are for “kids” but I have to tell you when I got my hands on a couple I have had a blast putting them together myself. It was so inspirational hearing about this company that has thought about so much and but so much effort into the design from the packaging to the actual product to the vibe of the whole collection.

At Kid Made Modern their mission to inspire kids and parents to find and enjoy creativity everywhere. Everything they do is dedicated to giving kids opportunities to feel their creative spark; to be imaginative, self-expressive, and resourceful.

I was so inspired and energized by hearing the story of the company and the background really enjoyed meeting Tony Longoria who kindly took me through the collection.

Founded in 2012 by Todd Oldham, they have brought hundreds of products to market, each crafted by their designers to help kids connect to their own inventiveness. Their products couple innovative design with high quality, environmentally friendly and rigorously safety-tested materials.

The studio where all of these items are created is a magical creative place filled with texture and color. I loved how all the packaging is thoughtful using eco – materials and items that you will want to keep and not throw out .  They have created kits to just have to keep a kid occupied for a bit or items that are great for parties. I have to be honest I didn’t take a deep dive into their book until I started looking through it at the studio and saw how thoughtful it is. This DIY book is not just crafts to make but they inspire and educate by talking through the artists- the book is

kid made modern book

Do-it-yourselfers ages five and up can go retro with enough projects by legendary designer Todd Oldham to fill entire rooms. Taking inspiration from mid-century designers and artists such as Charles and Ray Eames, Marimekko, Alexander Girard, and Dorothy Draper—Todd Oldham revisits modernism in the new millennium. Bold, vibrant, and kid-friendly, these projects provide days of fun for a new generation of modernists.

One of the projects I love is the WOODEN ROBOT KIT and look out rad the case is that you can keep after you build your robots ! This is priced at $39.99 it is such a great gift for someone or something to have two children share – so very cool !

Creating one-of-a-kind robots is easy with the Wooden Robot Kit! Each kit contains 3 different wooden robots with easy to move arms and legs, 3 crazy printed sticker sheets, 12 acrylic paints and 2 brushes—everything you need for customizing your own robot family!


There are items at all different price points I just like how this looks so I bought one for myself : This is $6.99 and is an amazing unique gift  – Drawing with the prismatic Crayon Gem lets you blend and blur as you choose! With so many different angles to pick from, everyday coloring takes on a whole new dimension. Let loose and enjoy the feel of this one-of-a-kind crayon in your hand as you create colorful, gem-tastic artwork. Each jumbo multi-faceted crayon has eight colors and is sized 4.5″ wide by 3″ tall. One beauty of a crayon per carton.

kid made modern 12

I love this unique notebook kit – great for a journal, art book or something cool to bring to school :



I love these Confetti Crayons – they are like beautiful art pieces and say you are having a birthday party and you can’t afford too many gifts for the guests this is a great take home I think that still is memorable and special – for $8.99 that is less then a dollar each for 12 it is an amazing price point – I have them and they just make my desk look so much cooler.

kid made modern 9

kid made modern 10

kid made modern 6

Look at the above STUDIO IN A BOX so amazing 60+ pieces !

And below the unique comic book kit to get the imagination going – this kit is $19.99

Comic Book Kit


This all-in-one kit has all the supplies needed to create your own super hero story! Each kit comes with two 32 page books printed with blank cells that are ready for your illustrations, 10 washable markers, 2 stencil templates for type and bubbles, 5 rubber stamps with 3 foam ink pads and 3 bottles of stamp ink so that your ink pad is never dry!

kid made modern 5

For those kids and adults that are all about music there are some great instruments to decorate ! Follow the beat of your own drum with style and originality using our customizable Bongo Kit. Each kit comes with a raw wood bongo drum, 9 glitter sticker sheets, stencils, sponge brush, and 10 acrylic paints. Show off your artistic rhythm with this fun music and art kit!


kid made modern 15There is so much I don’t want to give it all away but these incredible duct tapes that you can design bags & wallets with and so many fun ideas and there are papers – so very much you just need to go online and see :

There instagram and blog posts are genius – go online here and check them out

Oh what is next sneak peek of course some fab fashion will be mixed in – wait to you see what is coming soon !


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