Santa Margherita She Shed Event at the Brooklyn Grange

Such an amazing night with a beautiful thoughtful company at the most beautiful place with one a super talent super funny chef.

Thank you Santa Margherita for inviting me to the  She Shed event. I had the most beautiful cocktails, delicious foods,  including Santa Margherita’s NEW Sparking Rosé  and I even helped make my own sorbet topped Rosé – I have to say if I was stranded on an island I think that would be my pick for one of the items I would want to be left with – so amazing. The cocktails were all created by Dante.  It was so wonderful learning more about Richard Blais loved his humor and his incredible creativity while he hosted a variety of cooking demos for guests to experience as well (featuring unique molecular gastronomy).


Brooklyn Grange farms rooftops, builds green spaces, and promotes sustainable living and local ecology through food, education, and events. Brooklyn Grange believes that social enterprise is a powerful driver of positive change, and that businesses should be a nourishing part of their community. There are several events upcoming there I highly recommend:

More about the Santa Margherita She Shed Campaign:

Leveraging the season’s latest design and outdoor entertaining trend of She Sheds (the female version of a man cave), world-renowned Italian winery, Santa Margherita, shares its passion for crafting premium, eco-sustainable wines, while celebrating summer’s outdoor entertaining season. As part of Santa Margherita’s commitment to eco-sustainability, the She Shed structure is made entirely of reclaimed wood and recycled materials and incorporates repurposed decor throughout.

There were so many special surprises from wine painting by Lauren Saylor, jewelry stamping, honey tasting, I had my caricature created by Napkin Killa and beautiful live music from The Cool Rulers.

Thank you for the invitation  5WPR.

A little look at my beautiful evening.

When you hear “Santa Margherita,” you probably think of  iconic Pinot Grigio. Santa Margherita represents the best of tradition, innovation, a passion for authentic and enjoyable wines, and respect for the people and the lands that produces them.

Over 80 years ago, Count Gaetano Marzotto led the revitalization of an abandoned portion of the Venetian countryside. Here, where rivers from the alps cut through the sun-drenched hills on their winding way to the Mediterranean shore, he created much-needed farmlands and restored traditional wine-making in what had been a region of fine vineyards since the time of the Roman Empire. Employing new agricultural science and a commitment to the needs of the Italian people, Marzotto gave this labor of love the name of his dear wife Margherita, and the first piece in the mosaic of Santa Margherita was set.

Since then, Santa Margherita has grown to encompass vineyards across Italy, from the Veneto to Tuscany, producing distinctive, authentic wines of deep tradition and regional character. Their wines are crafted for the evolving tastes of today’s fine wine lovers, and we invite you to pair the people and foods in your life with the Pinot Grigio to  brilliant Prosecco, to complex Chianti Classico Riserva or incredible delicate Sparkling Rosé.  I love this party – the highest levels of social responsibility and environmental sustainability while remaining committed to their Italian heritage.

Learn more about these wines :

I am doing a sustainable clothing collection so companies doing sustainability right are so interesting to me and love Santa Margherita’s work :

Environmental, economic and social considerations have been the core touchstones of their company. They approach to winemaking is eco-friendly, revolving around the use of natural products and growing processes to protect the health and well-being of the vineyards. An example of this can be found at their production center in Chianti Classico, they opted to use products such as copper and sulfur in the growing practices and have chosen to use compost made from pruned vegetation to feed the soil.


Most winemakers will tell you, the less manipulation of the grapes and vineyards, the higher the quality of wine produced. They agree, but also welcome the use of gentle, non-invasive technology to improve the production process and remain as efficient as possible. They apply organic land management practices that contribute to the long-term health of our environment. They use computerized, in-ground irrigation systems are designed to reduce water evaporation and runoff making them more efficient. In Chianti Classico, their  winemakers employ “extreme organic farming,” eliminating the need for conventional chemical pesticides, and in Veneto, we hand-harvest 90% of our grapes to preserve their freshness and delicate flavors. In addition, they are excited to announce that we will soon be ready for  global organic certification.


They are constantly reinvesting in new resources and technologies that help to deliver the highest quality, vegan, and sustainable products. In an effort to be more conscious and aware of sustainable and responsible practices,they abandoned the use of animal byproducts years ago, and instead use only vegan-friendly bentonite clay, yeast-derived and vegetable-derived products during filtration.

Renewable Energy

At Santa Margherita, they only use energy derived from 100% renewable sources, such as the 6,500 square feet of solar panels used at our winery in Portogruaro, making this winery completely self-powered. They produce 360,000-kilowatt hours of energy every year, the equivalent of burning approximately 145 tons of coal. This eliminates our CO2 emission output by 190 tons, a solid example of our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases. In fact, 10% of  overall production of Pinot Grigio (1.5 million bottles!) is certified carbon-neutral.

There is so much more info and amazing facts at

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