Crystal Light Bed at Modrn Sanctuary

I love meeting energy healers and loved recently going to I am hooked I think it really worked. I felt really on game this week after my visit to the crystal bed. So what a crystal bed ? Yes the



 Modrn Sanctuary has added the Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Bed to the extensive list of holistic and traditional treatments and offerings at the luxury wellness center at 12 West 27th Street in New York City.   Twenty-five minute and 45-minute treatment sessions will be available by appointment Monday through Saturday.  This bed has Vogel cut quartz crystals designed to align with specific chakras on the body.  It features rainbow-like lights with a different color to match the vibrational frequencies of each respective chakra. The bed has incorporated binaural beats, vibration healing, scalar energy, and infrared to make this an optimum state in the body for DNA replication and helping to heal.   It is non-invasive and all-natural and known to help with many health issues, including balance, alignment, and harmonizing energies.   “Modrn Sanctuary’s Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Bed was custom made to set very specific intentions of health and wellbeing through the device,” explained owner Alexandra Janelli.   “The center is all about energy and experiences and this new treatment can help clients feel more in balance and attuned with themselves and their surroundings.  It is a wonderful addition to any wellness program.” Since ancient times, crystals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties and recently there has been resurgence in popularity in crystal energy. Crystal bed therapy (also called crystal bath therapy and crystal light therapy) can promote emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing has many boldfaced names who are fans, including Parker Posey, Jaimie Alexander, Gina Gershon and Oprah Winfrey.


Improves overall well-being

Elevates energy levels

Reduces stress and fatigue

Better sleep

Works with cellular intelligence

Brain balance


Reduces inflammation (where applied)

Balances Ph. levels

Increases tissue oxygen (due to increased circulation where applied)

Feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and peaceful

Eliminates stress, depression, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and tensions;

Release of unconscious behavior;

So what happens :


Clients may elect to do a 25-minute or a 45-minute treatment, which is customizable to include any of the following:

Crystal Therapy

Color Therapy

Vibrations Therapy

Binaural Beats

Infrared/Bio Mat

At Modrn Sanctuary, the Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Bed can be a stand alone treatment or can be coupled with alternative and traditional therapies to provide a beneficial holistic add-on to the overall wellness of the client. Check out their video : v=U-zgV5fe4Cw

Check out my experience :

I also just recently went to the most amazing class by one of Maha Rose’s intuitive healers – Anna Toonk at the Free People Movement store every Wednesday they have these incredible class offerings I am so thankful to them. Anna is so funny and had so much amazing knowledge of crystals and chakras and gave so many amazing tips and inspiration.

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