O YEAHFirst you have to love the name O Yeah what a great name for a beautiful item for your home or a gift.

I received a beautiful one from the company that I use for all my makeup brushes – it is incredibly beautiful and unique.

O Yeah Gifts beautiful Treasure Vessels will put all that’s precious on display. The Treasure Vessels can be used as a candle holder, for a potted plant, makeup brush holder or as a desk accent. Brilliant colors and California coast sand are contained in every special keepsake vessel. The mini and small Treasure Vessels are for tiny mementos, seashells and rings. Eco-friendly resin swimming with grains of sand form these handcrafted containers.The Flower Bed Treasure Vessels are longer on each side and specially designed for planting succulents, air plants and fresh herbs. They are absolutely beautiful! Every flower bed vessel is a different mix of warm sunrise shades and peaceful cool colors. The Flower Bed Treasure Vessels are perfect for Air Plants — the ceramic allows plant roots to breathe. Shop the Treasure Vessels at: https://www.oyeahgifts.com.

o yeah 2They start at 14.99 for a mini and go to 29.99 and are so unique.  I did get the zebra one but they have blues, pinks, reds, greens something for all different decor.


Style: urban, contemporary, west coast, surf, bohemian
Pottery theme: nautical, animal, wildlife, beach, nature
Hue: black, white, clear
Size: large, approx 2.5”x 3”x 4”h
medium, approx 2”x 3”x 2.75”h
small, approx 2”x 3”x 1.75”h
mini, approx 1.5”x 2”x 1.75”h
Material: eco-friendly plant derived resin, cast stone, California sand
Extra Info
• Placement and shades of iridescent color and grains of sand will vary
• There are 3-6 different shapes within each size and are randomly selected for orders
• California sand appears when ceramic gets wet
• Sizes small and medium fit tea light candles best
• Vessels do NOT hold water
• Do NOT let flame or wax touch sides 

For an array of style, mix & match with cool colored Treasure Vessels in Nightwaves (blue, green, purple) or warm colors in Daydreams (red, orange, yellow, pink)!


They were included in this fun piece : http://www.azfamily.com/clip/13439650/make-your-guests-feel-more-welcome


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