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APOTERRA means from THE EARTH. FOLLOW THEM ON INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/apoterraskincare/ and website is



I just went to visit with this beautiful energy healer, her name is Jaci a friend introduced me to her – she is a renowned energy worker with a divine connection to the a-physical realm, Jaci’s sole intention is to heighten and expand the spiritual lives of those she works with.  She is an advocate of healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. Nutrition, spiritual house keeping, physical movement, crystals, and essential oils are all within her prescribed practices. http://www.jaclynnpearse.com/

I went to her and we did this test which I feature more soon but it was a way for my body to test things that are not sitting well – maybe toxic – where it is impacting my immune system – well I know I eat too much ice cream and love fruit – so I need to cut back but my body also said toxic beauty products !! So I must make sure I am going natural and to do that APOTERRA will help me – these products are so natural and so beautiful and I hope with use over the next month my body will start saying it is happier with my beauty choices.

Apoterra believe that our skin looks its best when it is healthy.  Unbalanced skin creates symptoms such as acne, dullness, inflammation, and dryness.  Apoterra does not believe in fighting our skin’s nature, but rather in nourishing it so that it can return to its natural, healthy glow.  This means soothing break outs with anti-inflammatory ingredients and products that promote a healthy skin flora so that your skin can win the battle on its own.  They do not believe in using harsh chemicals that dry the skin or create dependencies.  They  believe in promoting healthy, hydrated, clear skin with natural and safe ingredients that work with the skin to promote balance. They formulate all our products with this philosophy in mind, which means every one of our products will nourish and heal the skin, not strip it or sensitize it.

Our skin absorbs up to 60% of ingredients that we apply onto it.  What gets absorbed goes straight into the blood stream, unlike our food that first gets processed by our digestive system. This means that our skincare can seriously affect our health! Just like the food we eat, we believe that fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients are the best for your skin’s health.  Plants and minerals can be beautifully powerful and take excellent care of your skin when used properly.

Overdoing it can do more harm than good. Over washing your face because you have breakouts can dry your skin out and lead to more breakouts and inflammation.  Using a detoxifying mask 2-3 times per week can improve a complexion, but using one every day will probably irritate your skin.  Understanding what your skin needs and applying it in moderation are key to having healthy skin.  Sometimes that means weekly exfoliation, a nightly heavy moisturizer, sebum-balancing serums, or nothing at all.  You might need a very simple regimen, or a more complex multi-product system. Not sure how to tell?  The first step is to determine your skin type.  Check out their Skincare Ritual Guide for a step-by-step guide to help you tune into what your skin needs.

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Some of the most beautiful products I just tried :

Neroli Clarifying Toner with Vitamin C + Green Tea

This antioxidant-rich vitamin c toner will give your skin a well-deserved boost while simultaneously fighting off blemishes.  Thyme, neroli, and willow bark extract reduce blemishes by increasing cell turnover, fighting off bad bacteria that cause acne breakouts, and minimizing the occurrence of clogged pores and inflammation. Green tea provides free-radical fighting antioxidants.  Aloe vera cools and soothes, reducing redness and inflammation.  Cell-communicating ingredients such as vitamin C and niacinamide enhance skin’s elasticity and barrier function to improve your skin’s tone resulting in a clarified and healthy complexion.  This vitamin c toner has deep floral aroma of orange blossom, immortelle blooms and rock rose water is calming to the nerves and uplifting to the spirits (who doesn’t need a little boost sometimes). They highly recommend using a toner in your daily ritual to properly hydrate the skin.  Properly hydrated skin is less likely to see signs of premature aging, is less susceptible to sun damage, and is less prone to breakouts. The Neroli Clarifying Toner with Vitamin C is available for $38.

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Activated Purifying Mask with Charcoal + Flowers

This mask is handcrafted with a blend of clays, activated charcoal and organic flowers to decongest the pores, clarify the complexion, and nourish the skin.  Activated charcoal and French green clay pull out impurities and deliver nutrients to optimize skin barrier function.  Hibiscus, willow bark and sugar extract gently exfoliate and deliver antioxidants.  Rose and chamomile beautify and calm irritations.  Use this mask on a weekly basis to detoxify and decongest the pores while simultaneously soothing and nourishing the skin for a clarified complexion. The Activated Purifying Mask with Charcoal + Flowers is available for $24.

Night Regenerative Balm with Prickly Pear + Vitamin C

This wake-up-with-a-glow face balm is an antioxidant moisturizer that contains over 21 active botanicals that fight free radicals, boost collagen production, and promote deep hydration.  Soft in texture, this face balm will melt on your skin to deeply penetrate, leaving skin soft and glowing. Cupuacu butter deeply hydrates the skin.  Prickly pear, pomegranate, and rosehip oil nourish and repair.  Vitamin C and Coq10 promote collagen production, improve elasticity, and reduce inflammation.  Apply this precious antioxidant moisturizer at night, indulge in aromatic notes of rock rose and jasmine, and wake up with a rejuvenated and clarified complexion.

The Night Regenerative Balm with Prickly Pear + Vitamin C is available for $42.

Need this product holy moly :


Love that they collaborated with a local artisan and good friend of ours, Lovewild Design, to create a texturizing hair sea spray that will help protect our oceans!  Their new Sea Mist is made with pink sea salt, algae extract, aloe, ylang and exotic verbena.  10% of proceeds of this sea spray will be donated to Ocean Conservancy to help protect our oceans and sea life!

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