Zucchi Olive Oil and The Art of Blending Event

I just attended my first olive oil tasting event from my new favorite Olive Oil by Zucchi. It was a tasting plus I was able to blend my own olive oil. It was very special – I loved meeting all the masters from this company and learning a bit more about this beautiful brand.  The history :

Oleificio Zucchi was founded in 1810 in the area near Lodi in northern Italy as a family business that produced seed oils for human consumption. 1922 saw the introduction of the refining process and in the late 1950s we made our entry into the mass market for food products, with both seed and olive oils. In the 1990s, their constant growth made it necessary to move the business to its current 86,000-square-foot-facility on the Cremona navigation canal, with a production capacity that has risen to almost 400,000 gallons/day of packaged oil, nine highly automated lines, state-of-the-art technology and a wide distribution in the retail chain and Ho.Re.Ca. channels and within the food processing industry. Alongside all this, the last few years have seen the development of a Research and Development laboratory with an in-house team of skilled blendmasters who carry out rigorous panel tests and create  original blends. This highly-qualified team focuses on extra virgin olive oils, combining technical expertise and talent to achieve unique results of unrivaled excellence through continual experimentation with new combinations of flavors. The art of blending is the ability to create an oil with a specific personality by combining oils from different cultivars and origins for an end result that is greater than the sum of its parts and suits various consumer tastes.In order to deliver an excellent oil whose quality remains constant overtime and organoleptic properties rest intact, we have created an “OIL CELLAR”, Italy’s largest temperature-controlled storage facility (maintained at a constant 60°F), capable of storing about 5300 tons of extra virgin olive oil. They have an established policy of continual investments, updating their plant in line with the latest technical and engineering concepts for ever-improving environmental and economic sustainability.

I love this commitment to the environment – http://www.zucchi.com/us/environment/

For more than two centuries, Zucchi values have always been founded on care for the environment, ethics, quality and safety. Values that are reflected in every single product. They are passionate about staying true to these values and constantly research ways to improve every phase of the production process in order to achieve even higher levels of quality. They check that every single bottle they produce . With this aim they entrust the creation of their  oils to their blendmasters who are skilled professionals capable of interpreting and combining different extra virgin olive oils to formulate new and unique products. All of Zucchi’s work is done in absolute transparency to guarantee their customers a range of products that is completely traceable. Every bottle contains a code that gives access to information on the origin of all the raw materials used in their oils.

Visit :  (zucchi.us)


You blend for consistent product.  We tried four samples of extra virgin olive oil from four different cultivators.  We learned a ton from Tiberto who is in the video above.  we had to think about how fruity it tasted or bitter.  We had to really think about what we also might be tasting maybe flower or fruit etc.  We were able to blend by mixing what we liked most and then mixing it with another bottle we liked most.  I believe mine was mainly oil from Sicily which makes sense since that must be the Sicilian in me (  I didn’t realize the origin though till the end and I mainly mixed that with an oil from Spain.  I really love it because it is very sharp I think I had a bit of oil maybe 20% from Crete as well – I travelled very far and wide that afternoon and left with a beautiful bottle of Zucchi blended by me.

Special thanks to Il Gattapardo http://www.ilgattopardonyc.com/ – I did not get to try everything on the lovely menu they created that day because I had to rush off for another appointment but I did have the first two plates and they were so beautiful with the taste of Zucchi Olive Oil.  The menu was designed to utilize the olive oil I really wanted to try the ice cream I was so sad I missed that.

zucchi 5zucchi 4

You can find Zucchi in King Kullen markets (kingkullen.com) in New York,  Mass. Retail is $11-$12 per 500ml bottle.

zucchi 2zucchi 1

BLENDING IS AN ART which requires a large number of technical and scientific skills, as well as the ability to conceive and create the personality of an olive oil. It is the art of combining oils from different cultivars and with different origins, harmonising their fragrances and flavours for an end result that is greater than the sum of its parts.

zucchi 7

So many beautiful ideas on their website – http://www.zucchi.com/us/magazine

They have launched in the United States with several types of Zucchi :

Zucchi 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil combines quality and tradition in a blend of carefully selected extra virgin oils made by the mechanical coldpressing of Italian olives only.

Zucchi organic extra virgin olive oil is made only from organically farmed olives: the trees are grown in an absolutely natural way, using the organic growing method, in which no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or weed-killers are used.

Zucchi Sinfonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil expertly blended from the finest European EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS of the first press from Greece, Italy and Spain. Cold extraction.

They have flavored olive oils such as garlic and pesto I love the idea of Extra virgin olive oil with pesto flavor. Gives dishes a fresh, bright taste.


Transparency, sustainability and quality are key values. Zucchi makes a clear commitment to  customers, guaranteeing  products’ total traceability.
This is amazing – to find out where the raw materials of your Zucchi oil  simply use the QRcode on the label of the bottle you purchased, or enter the lot number and check code shown on the pack in the section provided.



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