I recently had the pleasure of meeting Marta Kuersten Wolaver for a tour of Chelsea Market.  This has always been one of my favorite places to go and take guests when they visit New York but Marta had the inside scoop and I have to see learning more about Fork Monkey was so great because if you are going to visit the market the way to do it is with Marta – she has the best insider info and takes you to some really great places.
I also think this is just a great gift for someone.

A quick look at our visit with Fork Monkey  :


What to expect :

A unique food tour for NY foodies or well-versed visitors –  Secret Treats of Chelsea Market – From Savory Bites to Sweet Delights separates the best from the rest; whether you’re a newcomer to the Big Apple or have been inside 50 times, you’re bound to come away wiser and well-fed. I did !

With 43 eateries and counting tucked into every nook and cranny of a building that takes up an entire city block, deciding what to eat to get the best taste of the Market is a daunting task. Fork Monkey co-founder Marta Kuersten Wolaver personally leads this intimate food tour. Tours are limited to 4 people per group, and ticket purchase includes a one-year membership to Fork Monkey, a new club that connects foodies with foodventures across the globe! 

marta 2

WHERE: Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave.



There are three “menu options” for this tour:

1) Omnivore: The most classic tour, we’ll sample the best of the best of the Market. Warning: do not eat in advance. This will be more than sufficient for lunch!


2) Sweet Tooth: If dessert is your favorite course, this is the tour for you. The Market is packed with handmade sweets of all sorts and we’ll sample many of them. You will still eat a full lunch; but it will be lighter than the Omnivore or Meat Up.


3) Meat Up: A throwback to the neighborhood’s history. There are only a handful of actual meatpackers left in this part of town, but the Market remains a haven for carnivores. You’ll try a few other things too, but the emphasis here is, well…you get the picture.


COST: $69 for a pair of tickets, or $129 for four tickets. Tour groups are 4 people maximum.

I said if you have a bachelorette party this is a great idea !

RSVP: Online via Fork Monkey: 

Btw what is Fork Monkey :

Fork Monkey connects foodies with hand-selected, vetted food-ventures from coast to coast by cultivating an ever-growing list of meals in closed-door kitchens, private rooftops, secret-password penthouses, hidden gardens and more.


Def: Culinary experiences that happen once in a while, in secret locations, for only a few people. Also known as: supper clubs, pop-ups, foodventures

Marta is just awesome and filled with a ton of info check out more on here :

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