I wanted to thank Julia at at AMW PR for setting us up with a COOL ZONE CRYO appt. I originally wanted to try it but now that I found I have two forms of blood clotting disorder – I realize I have to really look at all the instructions before I agree to do anything which is a bummer. I was happy though that there was so much good information to be found if it is something I should or shouldn’t do so if you do have any issues make sure to be aware before you give this a shot.

I was so interested in this type of therapy and when I told Valerie, Caravan’s beauty expert about it she was so game for trying it.  A ton of athletes use it and there are so many benefits.

We went uptown to COMPLETE WELLNESS where Dr. Fenster has a set up for Cool Zone Cryo. Do you know that cryotherapy :

  • reduces appearance of cellulite
  • boosts metabolism, which promotes weight loss
  • may help with skin conditions such as acne, blemishes and psoriasis
  • Increases collagen production, helps improve skin tone and reduce the signs of aging

And if you’re worried about getting into the summer spirit,  it can help with that as well by alleviating the effects of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and stress, all while enhancing your energy and releasing endorphins.

Cryo is the all-encompassing holistic beauty and wellness treatment.

At Cool Zone Cryo, Dr. Fenster and his team specialize in cryotherapy and all its different applications. Their services include Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), Localized Body Cryotherapy and Facial Rejuvenation Cryotherapy.

Check out :

See our little video it is kind of silly but shows Valerie after jumping and really feeling great :


First introduced in the late 1970s in Japan and subsequently refined in Europe, cryotherapy is an innovative and natural healing technique in which a patient enters a special chamber where nitrogen gas lowers his or her surface temperature from the normal 30 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 166 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so reduces muscle pain, swelling and inflammation. Cryo comes from the Greek word “kurios,” which means “icy” or “cold,” and this therapy is rooted in the long-time practice of icing sore muscles after exercise or injury. Cryotherapy has been embraced by elite athletes representing eclectic sports, from basketball’s Kobe Bryant and LeBron James to baseball’s Texas Ranger pitcher C.J. Wilson.
Dr. Fenster has always prided himself on being at the cutting edge of health and wellness for over 30 years. In an effort to fill a gap in the healthcare field, Dr. Fenster is the Clinic Director and lead Chiropractor of Complete Wellness NYC founded in 2007, located in the upper east side of Manhattan. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia, in 1984.

Dr. Fenster’s commitment to treating the “whole patient” has proved essential to finding solutions where conventional approaches failed in the past.

His vision: To treat patients with a unified synergy by merging essential services and amazing providers under one roof. Today, this total and integrated wellness center is staffed by top healthcare professionals in acupuncture & cupping, chiropractic, corrective one on one yoga, medical massage, medical pain relief, platelet rich plasma injections, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, whole body cryotherapy, nutrition & weight loss and more. Due to quality care, healthcare innovation and great experience that have spanned decades, Complete Wellness is serving growing number of patients.

Adding cryotherapy is the new advances and has been a game changer because of its whole body systemic benefits. Dr. Fenster has been going to the east end Long Island for over 30 years – and is a tri-athlete and various active exerciser. “I have found the benefits of cryotherapy invaluable in maintaining a busy lifestyle” he states.

Dr. Fenster starting doing Cryotherapy in 2015 and immediately experienced the benefits himself and saw that this could make a major positive impact on his patients. Since that time, he has done whole-body cryotherapy100s of times and credits it exceptional energy levels, tremendous stamina and enhanced athletic performance which led him to open up an office out in Water Mill, NY focusing on just whole-body cryotherapy and facial rejuvenation cryotherapy.


Benefits Anti-inflammatory: in the joints, in the body in general, (that’s good) because many disease of proceeds, research has shown have an inflammatory component. Getting rid of inflammation is a good thing for the body).

Being in the cold temperature – Why would we do this? Because putting the body in this controlled temperature for this controlled limited amount of time, 3 mins – produces the benefits of the fight and flight response. What are the benefits are the fight or flight response? It releases endorphin’s into the body (endorphin’s are good – because it speeds up the metabolism and therefore you can burn up to 500-800 calories from one session – it stimulates metabolism so the benefit is ongoing)

Another benefit is endorphin release – which is mood evaluation. It’s been documented in scientific research that people that do cryotherapy regularly have experience mood elevation and decreased depression. Cryotherapy stimulates the brown adipose tissue (which is fat) – we have two kinds of fat (brown and white) white is blubber, brown is insulation around our organs – and stimulating the brown adipose tissue increases immunity.
The cold stimulates collagen production – so therefore it tightens the skin, which is nice on the body – but that’s why also have facial rejuvenation cryotherapy that focuses on the face and neck only.

The beauty of having locations in the Hampton’s and in NYC is that people can do the treatments in either locations.


The patient enters the cryochamber as the nitrogen gas fills and cools the chamber to approximately -250 Fahrenheit. Over a period of 3 minutes the patient’s skin surface is lowered approximately 30-40 degrees. This sudden drop in temperature triggers the body’s survival mechanisms. As a result, there is a release of endorphins as well as a rapid circulation of oxygen rich blood throughout the body. Capillaries will expand up to four times their natural diameter, which enables your white blood cells to access and heal your injuries up to five times faster.
Everyone is different. Some describe a temporary tingling sensation following treatment. Other’s report a pleasurable feeling. The cold causes the body to releases endorphins, the same “feel good” hormones that can follow intense exercise. Many also say they enjoy a higher tolerance to pain when undergoing treatment before a workout, and decreased inflammation when undergoing it afterwards. Another bonus: cryotherapy burns 500 calories a session, thanks to the body’s increased metabolism. As with most therapies, consistency is necessary for ongoing benefits. The buoyant effects from each session last at least six – eight hours and increase with number of treatment sessions. Many clients have expressed that they have the best night of sleep after a Cryo session.
Learn more here :

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