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If you know me then you know I love elephants – that is my spirit animal for sure.  I have an elephant tattoo after my journeys to an elephant sanctuary in Kenya so when I saw the story of this brand I was so in love. Even more beyond the elephants if you know me you know that I love consumer based conservation and programs that help others thrive and this does both of that with a lot of spirit and good energy.

I have been in touch with Suzette Williams and Ryan O’Connor the Co Founders, One Tribe Apparel – a Bohemian fashion brand that began when two travelers fell in love with Thailand’s Bohemian styles, and decided to bring them back to to the west in a socially conscious way.

All the products are sourced and made in Thailand by local artisans who are paid fair wages. And for every purchase of one of the products, they make a donation to the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand, which rescues and cares for endangered animals so they can roam freely in a safe environment.

They are  breaking geographical barriers and uniting women around the globe with a shared passion for travel, culture, and conscious fashion.

After receiving hundreds of photos from women around the world posing in One Tribe Apparel clothing, they realized there are no better models than our One Tribe community. That’s why they created the first International Crowdsourced Lookbook, which uses visual storytelling to showcase their unique styles across six continents and 16 countries – modeled exclusively by customers.

The original idea was started with two people who are no longer involved and then the new owners met – Ryan & Suzette in 2015 – and Suzette had already been working on a similar business and they decided to join forces. She’s from Australia and Ryan is from the US and the rest of their team is women from Thailand, India, Portugal and Serbia.

More about the brand :


One Tribe Apparel formed in the rolling hills of northern Thailand after witnessing the wellspring of creativity in the local art, music & fashion scene.

Embraced by travelers, festival goers and the yoga community we look to capture the serendeptious magic that happens from building a positive artistic community.

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The owners of One Tribe both spent a lot of time in Thailand and love the culture.


One Tribe Apparel showcases both the beautiful traditional clothing of Northern Thailand and our own unique styles created through exclusive collaborations with local artists & designers.

In both cases One Tribe Apparel is committed to fair wages, good working conditions and supporting the communities of Chiang Mai and PAI.

It all started with the traditional multi-patterned harem pants and kimonos but as they have grown creating some of their own pieces with a twist such as  yoga mat strapsbohemian handbags & embroidered denim shorts.


Located 30 km outside of our homebase in Chiang Mai, The Elephant Nature park rescues mistreated elephants and gives them a home to run free.

They make a donation from every sale and look forward to working with them on exclusive products where 100% of proceeds will benefit the park.

Find more about One Tribe Apparel + Elephant Nature Park

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From the start it was a priority for One Tribe Apparel to collaborate and engage with women around the world.

They now collaborated or had photo’s submitted by women from over 40 different countries.

This inspired them to create the 1st International Crowdsourced Lookbook.

Instead of a traditional model shoot they showcase the One Tribe Apparel style by featuring women from 6 continents & 16 countries in locations that have special meaning for them.

Now that is a fashion photo shoot – I think this is brilliant it is what we are all about with CARAVAN which is real authentic branding – these women love the brand and want to show their love – that is how I feel too – I love this brand and I want to show it off too!



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