Shimano Bike NYC in SoHo


A big message at the opening of the Shimano Bike shop was GET OUT IN NATURE ! 

I recently attended the opening of the Shimano Bike NYC shop in SoHo – it was so fun – a bit in love with this bike – I love the color isn’t it rad there are so many cool bikes !

BTW Happy 200th birthday to the bicycle! ISHIMANO BIKE NYC, a pop up store opening next week where 33 soon-to-be-released bicycles from leading U.S. and EU manufacturers will be on display and available for rental. Btw the rental prices are awesome and the bikes are swank !



This summer, stop by SHIMANO BIKE NYC,

Shimano’s first urban concept store in NYC. 

33 brand-new urban-style bicycles equipped with Shimano’s METREA, ALFINE, and STEPS components. These bicycles are hand-made by a select group of expert manufacturers in the US and the EU.

Get Life Moving

Riding to the office & around the neighborhood, especially on days when you want to change up your routine and feel a boost of confidence. Pursuit of the pleasure of riding (cycling) in urban areas. Our urban sport category components aim to design a specialized urban sports bike that is not only daily commuting, but also a comfortable ride that suites the urban environment and provides urban sports riding pleasure.


Energize Your Lifestyle

The ideal assist system is one that doesn’t interrupt the natural flow and relaxing feel of your ride. Pedal assist should feel like a natural extension of your power; helping to save your energy, explore further and connect more intimately with nature.
These features are the essence of the SHIMANO STEPS.


For Sporty & Fashionable Cycling

Hit the town in style, with ALFINEーa high-grade groups built for the sophisticated urban rider. Along with its premium build quality,
ALFINE brings you fineness, versatility, and effortless operation. Whether in an 8-speed or 11-speed configuration, ALFINE presents
a clean look and a wide gear range that serve to enhance any frame.

(SHIMANO’s first urban concept store)

473 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012
(West Houston and West Broadway)
Tel: 646-318-9496

Jun 23 – Aug 20, 2017 | 11am – 7pm
Closed: Mondays



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