Haylie Duff The Real Girl’s Kitchen

I have always thought Haylie Duff was a rad stylish girl with a lot of great ideas ! She came to visit my store years ago and we came full circle now – loved all the awesome pieces she picked when she was at the store – she has  a great eye and she shows her creativity on her blog and also in the kitchen ! Haylie Duff is the author of The Real Girl’s Kitchen blog.  I just got to chat with her again and this time we spoke about FOODIE IDEAS…  we talked a bit about her blog , some bbq ideas and some of her favorite food hacks such as having Libby’s in your fridge.

What does Summer mean…. The return of backyard BBQ’s, poolside pic nics and grilled meals galore – all signs that summer is kicking into full gear! When the weather is nice, the last place you want to be is cooped up in a steamy kitchen. But, how can you enjoy a quick, tasty meal without the hard hassle of making sure it provides the proper nutrients?  I got some great tips from Haylie ! She is very familiar with the necessity of quick and easy ideas for preparing and serving vegetables during the summer months and beyond. This summer, Haylie is teaming up with Libby’s® Fruits and Vegetables to develop exclusive summer entertaining-themed recipes for the easiest side dishes that can be served alongside grilled meats, or incorporated into light, refreshing appetizers ideal for a backyard party.

We talked about :

  • Perfect solutions for adding vegetables to summer meals in those time-crunched moments
  • Delicious and fuss-free recipes that everyone will enjoy
  • A bit about fruit on the grill
  • A yummy pesto sauce recipe
  • and more check out the video



Btw I found that Libby’s is found everywhere you can find them at Walmart, Amazon and more google Libby’s vegetable pouches and you will start cooking deliciously and efficiently with a lot of pretty veggies and that are super nutritious!


Just to be nostalgic I went back and found some photos of when she came aboard my mobile store and my Great Jones street store …. such a fun day … since then I now have Caravan Stylist Stylist – an influencer hub where we work with different actresses gettign them ready for red carpet events, tv appearances and more – check us out http://www.caravanstyliststudio.com

Haylie Duff 2Haylie Duff 3Haylie Duff 4

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