Nourish & Bloom

I have been preaching about Nutraceuticals & beauty from within for years — since I worked on the Borba project and was preaching about Goji Berry and Acai before they became so trendy…. So everytime I hear about a beauty supplement or greens product I have to try it so thank you Nourish & Bloom for the small sample pack to try….

Nourish + Bloom is a collection of premium wellness supplements and a comprehensive lifestyle app created by a team of better-living experts, including nutritionists, personal trainers, instructors, and yogis.




Made with collagen and biotin

  • Verisol collagen + biotin to promote hair, skin, and nail health*
  • 30 servings of Raspberry Sorbet chews

VERISOL COLLAGEN :Get harder nails, smoother skin, and softer hair with verisol collagen, a bioactive ingredient.* Collagen plumps the skin from the inside out and supports hair growth and stronger nails.* Verisol collagen can help replace our naturally occurring collagen, which decreases as we get older.*

Lutein promotes eye health thanks to active carotenoid sourced from marigold flowers.* Lutein is a key component of the central part of your retina, the macula.*

Biotin supports glowing skin and hard, healthy nails.* This B vitamin is also a key energy component, giving your body an immune boost while helping you look your best.*

The saying is true: Beauty really does start from within ! 

You can also try  a whole starter kit :

beauty chews 2

  • Loved their GREEN & VITALITY :
  • Green superfoods in 30 single-serving packets
    Superfoods that deliver a powerful punch of micronutrients
    Cranberry extract shown to support urinary tract health*
    Watermelon Berry flavor



Vegan protein in 20-serving bag

  • 30 superfoods for radiant health and antioxidant support
  • 25 grams of vegan protein sourced from brown rice, legumes, and leafy greens

Also their Vegan Protein Snack Bars are AMAZING !

A plant-powered protein treat

  • 15 grams of vegan protein to keep you fuller and ward off hunger
  • 17 grams of fiber to sustain energy levels and support digestive health

beauty chews 3


There is a Nourish & Bloom app as well : 


  • N+B RECIPES // A collection of tested, healthy, flavorful recipes.
  • EAT WELL, BE WELL // What you put into your body matters. We’ll help you make good decisions.
  • MOVE + SWEAT // Learn new moves, workout routines, and the best ways to meet any fitness goal.
  • FEEL AT OM // Achieve greater connection with your body. Learn all about the benefits of yoga.
  • YOU TIME // Your emotional wellness is just as important as your physical health.
  • NOURISH YOUR SPIRIT // Meditation can help you find your inner current of tranquility and peace.
  • INNER STRENGTH // Sometimes, you just need a little pick-me-up. These are our favorites!



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