The Tissue Rug from FHE

I was recently introduced to one of the most luxe items to have in our house – it just feels great – we placed in near our bed so it is like a little massage before climbing into bed at night or in the morning such a nice wake-up call – like massage grounding.  I also love the depth of color that the rug has it and my dogs think it is their rug — they love it!

tissue rug photo

tissue 4

It is called the TISSUE RUG from FHE :

  • Handcrafted rug that is soft, fluffy and versatile
  • Measures 20″x30″, specially designed to be used in smaller spaces (perfect for bathrooms, dorms, bedrooms, office spaces, etc.)
  • Fun, funky design aesthetic, easy-to-clean (machine washable) and features a long-lasting quality

A little bit about : FHE designs, manufactures and distributes designer home accessories for everyday life. The FHE Group’s mission is to create fresh, contemporary home accents with superior value and quality in mind.  The founders are : Adam Schachter and Jonathan Levy & they grew up together in Toronto, Canada and have been friends since grade school.  Love entrepreneurs that great up together ! They came together combining their passions for design and business to create The FHE Group Inc. Adam and Jonathan both have a wealth of knowledge and experience which has afforded them the opportunity to take a small idea and grow it into the large scale business it is today.

If you’re looking for a rug or mat to accentuate your space, we have a huge variety for you to experiment and fall in love with. Say goodbye to trails of water when you get out of the shower and bathtub thanks to the super absorbent and durable material that each rug is made of. The number of options you’ll have at your fingertips ensures that you can decorate any area in your home with different colours, sizes and styles. The tissue rug collection makes for the perfect bathroom rugs while the lotus mat collection offers your feet a plush surface to step on when you get out of bed in the morning.

When you want a handcrafted rug that is soft, fluffy and versatile, this is it !  This tissue rug measures 20″ by 30″ and was specially designed to be used in smaller spaces. It’s perfect for bathrooms, dorms and bedrooms and your feet will delight in stepping on it each time! In a fun, funky design aesthetic, this rug is super easy to clean and features a long-lasting quality. It is machine washable which means that caring for it and keeping it looking fresh is very easy.

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