Melissa Shoes : comfortable and fashionable

melissa shoe shoe shoe

Melissa shoes are not only known for their charm,comfort, and unique design; they are distinguishable by their smell, which is the result of fragrances being mixed into the plastic during the shoe’s production. The shoes are made from Melflex plastic which is hypoallergenic flexible PVC that is 100% recyclable.

How did they get started:

Two Brazilian brothers in the late 1970s

The brothers already owned, Grendene, a sprawling Brazilian footwear group.

By 1979, Paulo was smitten with the idea of an entire line of shoes made from plastic, finding inspiration with a fisherman he saw wearing jelly sandals while he was away on Holiday in France.  Melissa shoes are now sold in more than 60 countries around the globe !

One of the Melissa Shoes I got to try :  is the Melissa Connected sandal clean lines, contemporary triangle links and tratore sole-perfect for poolside activities and summer city strolling alike. Available in 4 colorways: blue, coral, beige and black. As always, each Melissa design is 100% waterproof, vegan and recyclable.This flat outstanding traces reveal the modern times scene: we’re all connected and this mix up is so inspirational. The tratore sole finds linked lines which results in a singular and contemporary layout. It’s is a new shape for a new generation.

melissa conneced


I also tried the new Sportech takes sporty chic to another level. A modern mix of references reveals this urban item, with intense lines and elegant and contemporary bicolor platform. The color combination and the velcro closing are some of the features that must make Melissa fans fall in love.

melissa sport

Behind every shoe, there are human beings. Hands connected that help make this beautiful product !
The classic Melissa smell is a treasure chest of memories. It can remind you of a specific moment, a phase in your life, and who knows, even a past love.  The fragrance is so adored that it’s stored like this, in a precious bottle, just like a perfume.
Check out their website I love their blog posts :
The mash-ups are amazing and they have so many choices and through the years they have done amazing collaborations  beyond names like Jeremy Scott, Zaha Hadid, Mariko Mori and Dame Vivienne Westwood,  theyalso have a few collabs that you may not know about.
1. Thierry Mugler 
In 1983, they released a series of international collabs. That year, French creativity took over our entire universe. With Thierry Mugler theygot some daring and futuristic touches. Nowadays, Thierry is known for his works with Lady Gaga.
2. Patrick Cox
In the Summer of 1996 it was shoe designer Patrick Cox’s turn. This Canadian had already designed shoes for Vivienne Westwood and Naomi Campbell, and developed some super colorful models in plastic.
3. Karim Rashid
In 2008, they went further still and proved that it’s possible to wear a design piece. Together with Egyptian designer and architect Karim Rashid, plastic took on innovative shapes with vibrant colors and plenty of curves.
4. Sebastian Errazuriz
In 2015, designer and artist Sebastian Errazuriz turned 12 of his ex-lovers into shoes. Initially an exposition, 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers was so successful it was made into an exclusive collection, sold only in the Melissa galleries of New York, London, and São Paulo. Click here to read all about it.
I love they were recently at GOVERNORS’s BALL and created this little cabana like to see into their world a bit :
melissa shoes
Look at this one : Jason Wu respects the shapes and fluidity of the female body. These considerations led him to create a new Melissa, Diane, that’s almost a Birkin and almost a sandal. With its sober black sole, we see it’s come to stake its claim on the definitive list of this season’s essentials.
melissa shoe shoe shoe shoe

I need these for Prospect Park roller – skating nights :

  • For Spring Summer 2016 MELISSA combines fashion and lifestyle to offer something completely new for the footwear brand: Melissa Roller Joy.

    The roller skates are inspired by a sporty way of life, a retro design made of synthetic material where half the right foot is a polka-dot; nude with black dots and the other side is black, the left shoe plays with the nude and black in solid halves.

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