Patchi : A Haute Couture Chocolate Collection Available in the US

patchi 3I love Chocolate and love when it is incredible wrapped and tastes delicious. I love when there is a mix of unique flavors as well.  I was recently introduced to Patchi.  Last year I attended the chocolate show and met so many interesting people – the story behind the chocolate is fascinating and I really love Patchi’s story.  I have to try everything for my blog – a lot of people will ask me to review something and I always must try the product. I will not recommend something I do not believe in and after trying Patchi – I will share this with my friends as a great entertaining item, hostess gift or something just for you to enjoy.

The cornerstone of the Patchi brand is within the quality of the product. our premium chocolate is a celebration of different fillings, ranges, shapes, and sizes. Each timeless piece is made with high quality ingredients that are free from preservatives and additives. The recipes are exclusive to Patchi and have been carefully created by our expert chefs and chocolate specialists.

Recently this yellow / green color is like my favorite color – I have a celebrity client where we are on the quest to find pants the color of the box & ribbon & chocolate foils that my Patchi was displayed in – it is this beautiful vibrant color.  The box I received was the Gourmandines gift box filled with 3 of their top-selling chocolate pieces.

The chocolates are:

  • Milk Chocolate filled with gianduja, hazelnut pieces and orange peel
  • Milk Chocolate filled with chocolate cream, crisped rice, hazelnut, pistachio & almond pieces
  • Milk Chocolate filled with coffee creampatchi 2

– See more at:

I loved the Milk Chocolate with the crisped rice and the hazelnut and I love pistachio but then the one with gianduja and orange peel !!

Let’s talk about the company’s history a bit :

It all started with a dream and an 11 year old boy who was fascinated by the universe of chocolate: Nizar Choucair. As he grew older, so did his passion until it became a dream come true. A pioneer and innovator, Choucair knew that chocolate had the potential to become something even more special. He felt it had the power to bring added joy to people. With these beliefs as his muse, he was inspired to create something new. This creative concept embodied transforming chocolate into gift items. Patchi was born. The year I was born ! 1974 marked the start of this premium brand’s rise to success and path to win the hearts of many. Ever since, Patchi has been on a unique journey that has evolved with the passing years and the spread of this exclusive brand throughout the world. Each moment has been one of discovering new cultures, celebrations and exceptional times.  The Maison is tied to an exclusive heritage. Attention to fine detail, an emphasis on uniqueness and “savoir-faire” intertwine in each of our chocolate gift creations. Values melt together to make us who we are. Patchi’s name tells a tale of exclusivity. It symbolizes a brand celebrated as the creator of the chocolate gift and a trendsetter in the world of premium chocolate.

So speaking of that beautiful packaging : Patchi Ateliers createscollections and strikingly elegant packaging are all created by the talented team at Patchi Ateliers. Being in fashion I love this part :  Patchi is like haute-couture. Everything is designed and fashioned with care and the colours and textures change with the seasons.

Chocolate: At Patchi chocolate making is an art form. A celebration of unique taste and superior production methods. Their chefs are keen to offer you the finest chocolate made with the utmost care so you can enjoy the sumptuousness of fresh chocolate at all our boutiques. The Maison only uses the highest quality cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar and milk. No colouring or preservatives are used. These premium ingredients are first mixed and refined to make the chocolate. The rich texture then undergoes the conching process to bring out its ultimate flavour and consistency and is then tempered to further enhance the overall quality. The tempered chocolate is then transformed into the chocolate you love. Every piece is moulded to perfection and some are filled with a wide variety of enticing flavours. Each piece undergoes a quality check before being wrapped and stored under special conditions. Patchi’s printing press does everything from start to finish. This makes The Maison’s packaging and printed items unique.

I loved seeing all the great gifts – there are the sweetest baby gifts – look at the Baby Girl’s box :

I also love there is a no added sugar collection :

The bars start at $7.00 and are quite beautiful

The favor choices for a wedding / bridal shower are so beautiful – for $4.00 you can have an incredible gift for a guest

Check out their website and treat yourself !




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