I recently was introduced to Pangea Organics and I will say I talk about other body products on here but have not recently spoken about any face products that I love.  I try to be very authentic.  I use Simply Venom moisturizer at my studio – they have a day cream and night cream but I did not have a good cleanser, toner, mask and oil… I was introduced to Pangea through a PR friend and I have to say it is amazing an a GAME CHANGER ! It is my favorite I want everything from their collection.  I love their story, ethos, research & love all these wonderful people who are part of the brand.  Learn more at :

I tried this one Facial Toner – French Rosemary With Sweet Orange but I want to also buy  Facial Cream – Italian Red Mandarin With Rose &  Body Wash – Pyrenees Lavender With Cardomom & Facial Cream – Italian Red Mandarin With Rose

I am authentically so in love with this line – when I put it on my skin in the morning it feels like I am at a spa and most importantly there is nothing toxic going on my skin !

I am trying to get pregnant and try to eat organic as much as possible so it is so important to not put toxins and chemicals on my biggest organ my skin so I loved that I discovered Pangea !

At Pangea, they believe that plants are powerful. Pangea utilizes the latest scientific methods to extract all of the powerful actives that plants have to offer. They search the world over for ingredients that deliver results above and beyond your expectations. They do not compromise on ingredients or packaging; both are ecologically sound and protect the integrity of the product.

“The Fountain of Youth is an Ocean of Knowledge” -Joshua Scott Onysko

For more in-depth information about Pangea products, here.



By supporting Pangea, you are aiding in equitable trade farming initiatives and organic agriculture in over 52 countries. Through organic agriculture, Pangea Organics reduces the use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and chemical or synthetic fertilizers that are detrimental to the Earth’s diversity and the health of the farmers working with them.


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