Cupping for your face to Plant Therapy to Zint Collagen to Goddess Garden Organics – Gear up for Spring with Non – Toxic, Beautiful Products for your body and your home!

First thanks to Amanda Leesburg for having me at her event – such a great event with brands with wonderful stories.  There were a lot of  new organic, health, wellness, nutrition, non-GMO and non-toxic products for the spring and summer months.  From a new at-home cupping massage kit and gourmet honey skincare to organic indigestion purse-candy, natural citric extract laundry detergent, new smoothie recipes and more –  It was so cool to meet these inventors !

First thank you to I met the founder of BALM – an interesting skincare company.  It is interesting how she is creating this collection with non – toxic ingredients – and that is raw – everything smells lovely – and feels great on skin. You do need to be aware of expiration dates — so that is something that you have to keep in mind –balm skincare is a raw product company offering a 4-step daily facial skincare regimen specifically designed without any synthetics, chemical stabilizers, or preservatives. After losing her mother to mesothelioma (an environmental cancer), founder Lindsey Moeller channeled her loss into this business, fueled by the passion to change the market. Balm stands as a leader in the raw product industry, as their skincare products have higher bioavailability than other natural products. You can find out more about balm skincare at There is a starter kit here :

new project

Really loved meeting another women entrepreneur behind  MY BINTO – I love this because they are thinking about fertility and trying to make you have some of the tools you need if you are planning on trying to have a natural conception.  MY BINTO is a reproductive health lifestyle company that introduces individuals and aspiring parents to curated products and knowledge through an e-commerce and content website. They offer a marketplace that allows people to access all of the information they need, and necessary products, as they navigate their journey to parenthood. Currently, there is no company quite like MY BINTO in the fertility and reproductive health market. For more information, visit: I like that they have guides on their website – any information about fertility is good to have so check out this company.

I really enjoyed having the time with Plant Therapy – this is an amazing company that is so innovative when it comes to essential oils – and we chatted a lot about relaxation in children and how oils can be too helpful. I shared some with my parents – my mom is in her late 70s and my dad is in his 80s and get headaches sometimes so these are so great to calm them and help – I shared my gift from Plant Therapy with them and they really loved it.  Plant Therapy is a leading supplier of essential oils and accessories, providing high quality essential oils and committed to educating customers on their uses, safety, and efficacy through their website and blog. Their products include USDA Certified Organic essential oils, blends, KidSafe® Synergies (formulated by Robert Tisserand), carrier oils, pre-diluted roll-ons, diffusers and more! Learn more at:

project two

Cupping for your face – yep that is right – I have tried cupping before on my back and it was amazing – it really made me have new energy and wild dreams… now the idea of cupping for you face is possible and makes a ton of sense – Lure Home Spa offers the tools for at-home or on-the-go DIY cupping massage. Uncover beautiful skin and reveal youthful glow with LURE™ facial silicone massage cups. The cups work to renew and rejuvenate skin by increasing blood flow and collagen production and improving skin elasticity resulting in smoother fine lines and wrinkles and healthier dermis – all from the comfort of your own home. Learn more at:

project four

Love love love meeting and hearing about this company – I love having collagen in my shakes – I think it is so important and they have a fantastic Maca too… I learned a lot about the different types of collagen when speaking to the company so really enjoyed this opportunity – Zint was founded by Joel and Rachel, a young health-minded couple who owned an independent pharmacy together in Upstate New York. Promoting proactively healthy lifestyles, Rachel made the store famous for its rich selection of refrigerated cold-pressed organic juices and natural health-promoting supplements. But after listening to countless customers complain of common ailments related to illness, stress and aging, they had another epiphany: they could make an even bigger impact by developing superfoods of the highest quality to help people live their lives to the fullest. Zint products are organic, GMO-Free Certified, pasture raised, Kosher, low carb or preservative and Gluten Free. For more information, visit:

project five

I met the founder of this company and was able to take a couple to try but I think this is something you need to order and really try and see how you feel over time -I need to get more of the rhubarb root candies – I think that is just lovely.  I think the idea is great and the packaging is beautiful.  For over 100 years and 3 generations, the Mera & Longhi family has been handcrafting herbal candies in the Italian Alps to help naturally sooth and calm digestion. All the ingredients are 100% natural, non-GMO and harvested from the Italian Alps. The fruits are sourced from around Italy. Based on homeopathic medicinal herbs and a centuries-old recipe, Mera & Longhi digestives help ease discomfort caused by heartburn, GERD, indigestion and constipation. Flavors include: honey & chamomile, strawberry & rhubarb root and active rhubarb root. For more information, visit:

project six

I was going to Florida when I met Goddess Garden and they gave me some of their facial SPF – it went on lovely and not oily – just smooth and felt great. The protection Well-known for their certified organic suncare, Goddess Garden now offers even more ways to protect your skin from the sun. Their new organic SPF 30 lip balms available in three flavors pamper and protect your lips. Their Sun Repair System helps with those times you forgot sunscreen or didn’t think you needed it, making it easy to protect, repair and nourish your skin as part of your daily routine. Learn more and shop online at:

project three

I did something in the past on Wedderspoon – this is  a very lovely company and I personally love the benefits of Manuka Honey – their products for skin and lips are great and I love their honey in my tea as well. Wedderspoon sources the finest and most pristine Raw Manuka and Gourmet honey in the world. All of their New Zealand sourced gourmet honeys are NON-GMO verified. Using sustainable resources, their honey is collected and harvested with the bees in mind. Products include Manuka Honey gourmet food, health, and beauty products. Learn more at:

project eight

I loved meeting the founder of this company – they were laughing because I tried it in Whole Foods – I love they have several flavors and the taste behind the chip – it is so delicious – and addicting !  Yumami Food Company’s mission is to make it easier for people to eat better. Yumami infuses sophisticated and authentic Asian flavors into savory, grab-n-go snacks with no added sugar – only delicious plant-based nutrition and clean ingredients. New Go-Dip snacks feature American-grown, bean-based dips paired with umami-rich Popped Nori Chips. Go-Dips and 100-calorie bags of Popped Nori Chips are sold throughout the New York metropolitan area, including at Whole Foods Market stores across the Northeast region. Learn more at:

project ten

project nine

I have not tried this product yet but I have to Lemi Shine – Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Lemi Shine is a family-owned household cleaning products company that provides a Clean Freak-approved clean for the home without harsh chemicals. Established in 1994 with the original Lemi Shine Detergent Booster, the company has since invented additional category-changing products such as a multi-use machine cleaner, hard water rinse aid and spot- and stain-resistant surface cleaner, all powered by natural citric extracts. More information can be found at:

lemi shine

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