I really am loving living in Bushwick so much we are not far from so many incredible neighborhoods – Williamsburg, Bed Stuy, Crowne Heights and it is so easy to take the E to Boerum Hill or Downtown Brooklyn – I really love it so much and enjoying my time here.

Living in Bushwick I am enjoying finding the sweetest restaurants and cafes and today we visited CARTHAGE MUST BE DESTROYED – which is so lovely.  I love hidden gems – I don’t want to show too much but it is decorated so wonderfully & whimiscal and the food is delightful – I had the yummiest mint and cinnamon bark tea and the tastiest lavender honey. My egg dish was perfect filled with veggies and wonderful spices and herbs. I really enjoyed my experience and plan to bring friends.  I see they have yoga as well so I am looking forward to that experience.  This is as I mentioned a hidden gem, off the Grand L, you have to find a little driveway. I hear it is organic and there is a lot of pink but it is very well done. Btw the music selection is really stunning – I loved it – it was so relaxing and you felt like you were transported.

Open for Breakfast and Brunch – hours and more on their website

Carthage Must Be Destroyed

Just a small look to some of the lovely-ness inside but check out their instagram or geo tag to see more – this is a very special place

carthage 6carthage 4carthage 3carthagecarthage must be destroyed 8carthage musst be destroyed 7carthage must be destroyed 4carthage must be destroyed 3carthage must be destroyed 2carthage must be destroyed

Another place I think that is transformative and just really wonderful as well is in Williamsburg and is called HOUSE OF SMALL WONDER. I love this spot.


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