THE MAGICIANS HALL OF MAGIC brought to you by the SYFY channel

We went to see THE MAGICIANS HALL OF MAGIC which was an immersive experience in Williamsburg. It was a cold day outside but we had a bunch of fun – the crazy part was that it was free and it was one of the coolest things I have done – it was so well done. Thank you SYFY for having us and putting this together.  It was to promote the second season of THE MAGICIANS so it was promotional but created by some marketing genius because I think if you did not watch the show beforehand that you were so curious from event that you would definitely check it out.  This was so much cooler then posting signs all over the city – get people to feel like they are in THE MAGICIANS world.  The show is a mystical world and it gave us the ability to take a photo like we were levitating. I wish I had more time to do this – it was a bit crowded when I went so I really didn’t get a great photo.  I loved the “Do Some G*ddamn Magic” where you were able to pretend like you had powers to mind control and move things and turn the tv on etc.  It was set up super cute. There was a create a spell room with potions, tarot cards and herbs I loved the decor of this room. There was a classroom that was super cool – I also loved this astronomy room where you could see your reflection above when a star constellation would form.  There was this awesome room that was like a forest and in the back of the space was a table where it felt haunted – everything was moving while no one was there.

A bit about the show :

Based upon Lev Grossman’s best-selling books, The Magicians centers around Brakebills University, a secret institution specializing in magic. There, amidst an unorthodox education of spellcasting, a group of twenty-something friends soon discover that a magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real— and poses grave danger to humanity.

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One thought on “THE MAGICIANS HALL OF MAGIC brought to you by the SYFY channel

  1. Your writeing makes for some interesting reading great job as always
    Dad always says you should have been a writer

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