tea-tea-3I love tea – I drink at least three cups a day.  I like to mix it up during the day some with caffeine and others just herbal teas calming whether that be cinnamon or lavender.


I have tried all types of teas & even went to an event in my neighborhood to learn how to make my own Chamomile Tea   – there is a beautiful floral business in Bushwick called True Leaves floral and they had an herbalist talk about different remedies using herbs and then we were able to pick some Chamomile for a tea it was so beautiful.  https://www.instagram.com/trueleavesfloral/

I have a lot of favorite teas – I love a lot of the Japanese teas especially a true Matcha green tea.  I typically will have Matcha at least once a day.

One of my favorite brands is Harney & Sons – I love their packaging.  They look beautiful on a counter top and in my case my tea drawer.  They have very beautiful designs and the color choices are really rich.


The tea is the perfect level of strength and the taste is really divine.  I love so many of their teas and I always am so happy with having a cup of Harney & Sons tea.


They are a line of luxury teas that are manufactured in the US.  I love that MADE IN THE USA. They are a company that has been around for three generations and they produce fine bagged and loose leaf tea in the Northeast part of the US.  They sell online, to coffee shops and other retailers around the world.  Their best selling teas include Chamomile, Earl Grey, and Peppermint. By the way one of my favorite new teas is an Earl Grey Latte – an Earl Grey tea with a bit of steamed coconut milk – so good !

For $44.95 this is a beautiful gift especially if you know someone like me who loves a good Chai – Explore the flavor of Traditional Chai, Green Chai and Herbal Chai with this gift. Traditional is a black tea blend from India, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and natural cardamom and vanilla flavors. Chai Hara is green tea with the same spices as well as coriander and ginger. Rooibos Chai is caffeine-free rooibos, with sweet Indian spices of clove, cardamom, and cinnamon. Included are instructions for brewing Chai, a perfect tea scoop and a filter for preparing single servings.


This is so great for $14.95 this comes with tea and a beautiful chest I was sent one and I love this – it is a great way to impress friends like they are at a restaurant when you ask them what type of tea would they like  – The Harney & Sons signature brown linen tea chest has become a classic gesture of hospitality for hosts and guests alike. They fill it with o four Wrapped Sachet flavors, 4 packets of each flavor (16 total).


This is so cool for $19.95 it is an awesome birthday gift -includes a tin of Birthday Tea (20 sachets) along with a package of delicious all Natural Chocolate Chip cookies (5 oz.) from Eleni’s, a Nut Free Bakery in NYC. Also included is a fun & festive box of Birthday Confetti (.5 oz). Gift boxed and tied with ribbons, this gift is ready to give!


They also have tins for ICED TEA love this one – Blood Orange, is a delicious mixture of fruit pieces that brews a brilliant red with a bold fruity taste. You’ll find it delightfully tangy and sweet. It’s a beautiful herbal that is delicious on ice. Tin with 6 easy to brew iced tea pouches. Each pouch makes two quarts.


They sent me the Japanese Sencha and I love it – Their Sencha is a very fine one, and can be found in many homes in Tokyo. It is a very approachable green tea, and a fine choice for everyday. Classic tin of 20 sachets. Each tea sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea.


I have a sweet tooth and love ice cream – we love all artisinal types of ice cream – Phin & Phebes, Ample Hills Creamery, Steve’s and we make our own – we use Nibmor Hot Chocolate mix and fresh mint – sometimes we skip on the ice cream and this tea is a way to have a bit of that chocolate/ mint flavor without the calories – I don’t have it before bed but if it is during the day and I am having a bit of a sweet tooth this is a great way to satisfy it.


Chocolate Mint is a tasty Chinese black tea with a divine aroma of peppermint leaves and natural chocolate flavor. Subtle yet sweet, try it and you’ll recall the taste of a beloved box of cookies. It’s also an irresistible after-dinner tea. Tin of 20 sachets. Each sachet brews a

I love how much information you can find on the THIS IS TEA part of HARNEY & SONS website it is a great way to be educated about tea :there is a ton of information on there so go to the HARNEY.com website and you can learn about how to correctly boil your water for tea and more here is a peak into what you will find :

  • White teas are among the rarest of teas in the world. They are the least processed. White tea is hand plucked, unopened buds, and often loaded with downy hairs. It brews up a subtle blend of sweetness and vegetal flavors. White teas are grown all over the world, however the best come from Fujian province in China and Sri Lanka in South Asia.
  • Black teas range from mellow teas from China to full-bodied teas from Assam, India. Often they are served with milk and sugar. Black teas are withered, rolled, fully oxidized, and fired in an oven. This process creates the warm toasty flavors. In the best teas complex flavors that are reminiscent of honey, malt, and cocoa develop.
  • Green teas are the most ancient teas. Originally from China, they were also transplanted to Japan many centuries ago. Green tea production methods vary but the focus is always to fix the green color. Thus, green teas are not oxidized.
  • Oolongs were developed after green and black teas. Originally they were developed in the Chinese coastal province of Fujian and eventually moved down the coast of China and across the waters to Taiwan. Repeated rolling brings the tea to the desired level of oxidation. All this work makes for very fragrant teas that are light in body with flavors reminiscent of peaches or tropical flowers.

Also I thought this question on the Q&A site for HARNEY & SONS was interesting :

Is Harney & Sons English Tea?

Well, if the question is whether or not our tea is grown in England, the answer is no. Until recently there was no tea grown in England, due to the climate. Now there is one small garden in Cornwall. However, we do have an English Breakfast Tea, which is 100% Keemun (the original English Breakfast blend). Also, our teas are used in one of London’s finest hotels: The Dorchester.

Some great videos about the brand :

I recently visited some friends RICK RHE and WALTER and others at The Coterie show and met a bunch of new designers I hope to curate into all sorts of projects I am working on from fashion show curation to styling but I love Coterie – they are always discovering amazing brands and this time they had a special look into the future of retail showing big ideas on where retail is going along with a cool installation.  The colors remind me of some of the Harney & Sons packaging and love the innovation of tea and then thinking of the innovation of retail I thought both worked well together – always love to sprinkle fashion into my stories.



Thank you to Harney & Sons for the lovely gift of tea!

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