I recently was gifted a pair of Kamik boots for myself and my husband and we love them. They are not only good looking but super durable. They are great if you like hiking in the snow – they keep you dry but also are so comfortable.  I wore them through my journeys to my sister-in-law’s house in New Hampshire, to Massachusetts and then to CT to Terrain. I love my boots. Check them out at https://www.kamik.com they seem to start at $89.99 for women’s sizing and go from there but there are a lot that are at $109.99 and $129.99  – so extremely fair pricing – keep in mind these can be something you have in your wardrobe for years.  I personally will keep mine for the next five years plus. I got a style that wasn’t trendy and just very simple but beautiful.  I even recently wore them with a skirt ! I had a styling appointment and it snowed a ton the night before in NYC – and there was no way I could get to my appt without Kamik — I wore a cute skirt, tights and a cute top from Anthropologie – my feet stayed totally dry – and I received a ton of compliments.

A Family story since 1898

To this day, they are still family owned and operated in Canada, alongside an extended family of over 400 employees. Each new pair of Kamiks comes with over 100 years of history and expertise. But that’s not to say they are old fashioned. Even after four generations of proven quality, they are  still looking for new, sustainable ways to improve— from our manufacturing process right down to the finished product. It’s a longstanding commitment to keeping feet warm, dry, comfortable and happy.

From the north, to the world

As Canadians, they have a special connection with the outdoors. With access to all terrains in their very own backyard, they believe that the best conditions to go outside are all conditions. There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad footwear. That’s why they test each and every product before they step out the door. Everything they do, they do it so families can trust that our products stand tough no matter what.

Sustainable manufacturing, a significant part of who we are

From domestic production to their recycling program to greener manufacturing initiatives, they are doing everything they can do reduce our carbon footprint. It’s a commitment to their  natural playground. And a dedication to products families can feel good about wearing.

The cool part is you can recycle your boots at your local participating retailers that sell Kamik.

How do they temperature test your products?

They test all Kamik products to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. For temperature testing, they send the boots to an outside agency, the Centre for Textile Technologies Group CTT (Performance Testing Council (PTC) of Canada). The Kamik Certified Comfort Rating that results from these tests helps you pick the right boot for your needs.

What is the difference between a fixed liner and a removable liner?

Removable liners can be removed from the boot, to wash and dry or simply to air out. Fixed liners are sewn into the boot and cannot be removed.

I wore my Kamik as mentioned all over and to the adorable TERRAIN STORE and cafe-http://www.shopterrain.com/westport/. My favorite store is Anthropologie and so of course I felt the vibe of one of their stores in their portfolio – TERRAIN.  It was like a winter wonderland in there – and pet friendly.  We ate at the cafe outside the restaurant. It was so good- had a delicious cauliflower sandwich.  Also purchased some adorable mushrooms to tie on to the tree – they were so sweet ! It is a great place to go for brunch on a little roadtrip – it is not far from Manhattan and was just a lovely experience.



Also want to thank Kelsey Tarczanin Litzky PR for sharing Kamik with me.  I did not know too much about them until she sent me their link and history and all about the sustainability factor. I love hearing stories about family run companies.

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