Mole removal by Dr. Rachel Nazarian at Schweiger Dermatology Group


All my life since I was born I had a mole near my eyebrow.  It started very small like a beauty mark right next to the eyebrow you can see it in my photos I would say that my parents had taken of me when I was about three – a frilly dress and you see this little dot next to my eyebrow.  As I grew up it grew.  It went from a tiny dot to an actual raised mole.  At one point after feeling like every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was this mole I decided to get it taken off.  I went to see one doctor who did laser removal who said he would have to shave my eyebrow and then I would have to get it tattooed eyebrow because hair wouldn’t grow back in that area.  I had this doctor on the UES who was going to cut it off and burn it but he said most likely I would have a dig – he would have to stitch it and my hair in my eyebrow wouldn’t grow back and it just seemed like it was impossible.  I do hear that it is common to have moles near the eyebrow line so I am sure there are others going through this.

Then I heard from Schweiger Dermatology Group and they told me to come in and have a consultation.  I met with Dr. Rachel Nazarian and she could not be nicer. She was so patient and just kind.  When I went to the other doctors they made me feel like I was so ugly for having this mole and instead she made me talk through it – how it was almost a part of my character since I had it all my life. She did not rush my decision and just really talked through the steps – the other doctors I went to see made me scared and basically talked me out of doing it. Dr. Nazarian did not talk me into doing it in a pushy way she talked me into it by explaining the steps and what I would expect in a step by step way.  I decided I wanted to remove it after she explained the process.  She told me that we would remove it and see how it healed.  I would go and see her again to see how the healing process was happening and to determine if we should take any more off – it all depended on how it was doing and how my eyebrow was growing in as well I think.

Visit :

Learn more about her here – she is quoted often in major magazines as an expert :


This is the mole before I removed it you can see how it is puffy !

Btw these photos are not attractive they are selfies – close ups – no makeup so please don’t be scared by them 🙂


Also what is a Mole ?  The word is so ugly in a way.It is a skin growth that is made up of cells that have pigment – they can appear anywhere – I believe they can change color like little chameleons… mine went from brown to browner to a bit of flesh color in it but got puffier as I aged.

  • The process – it did not hurt
  • She numbed the area with a needle that had anesthetic which took a few seconds this would avoid any discomfort
  • She then  did what is known as excision, which is “shaving” the mole off with a scalpel either flush to the skin or right below itmole-5
  • Then used this other machine to remove the mole by burning it off


  • It was that two step process that really got it to a level where it was flat
  • I didn’t need stitches at all
  • Then she also sent it to the lab just for a precaution to make sure it was evaluated for cancerous cells – mine was ok but you do want that precaution when you get a mole removed

So it looked like a brown mark when I left that day and of course I was worried a little bit like what did I do ??? but I trusted her  -she said that would heal and in a way it would almost flake off

Right after in the doctor’s office – WARNING : again this is the most unattractive photo but I want you to see the situation if you are considering this because when I googled this – I didn’t get a lot of good info so want to see what happened to me


This is about a week later :


People didn’t even really notice it — I think they notice it that it is gone now but when it was going through the healing process unless someone came up close they did not realize my healing process! You can go to work and about your business potentially without anyone really saying – What happened to you ?

I would use a little ointment on it but that is it – I avoided the area over the next couple of weeks  – I did not really touch it too much.  On the second day it did start bleeding for a little bit but I just cleaned it off and it stopped a few minutes later. Then from there it was smooth sailing it was like I had a wound that was healing – it got a little crusty and then just disappeared little by little – till one day it didn’t really look like much.

You can still feel and maybe see a little something next to my eyebrow but I no longer have this 3D mole – where I felt like people were staring at it or it was all I saw in photos  – so many photos I was like I hate that mole !

I wish I did it a lot sooner – I cut bangs every year for years trying to hide this mole !

This is about two weeks maybe after : mole-8
I can say I feel so much better about my appearance without this mole – so if you are contemplating what to do about your mole – go and do a consultation with this amazing doctor.  I would even say if you are not in NY make a trip to NY to see her.

The Schweiger Dermatology Group that I went to was on 35th street right near the studio so very convenient – it is a nice spot and the the Doctor is so wonderful.

This is a few weeks after you don’t even see it !


I went to see her three times – once to get the mole removed, once two weeks after to see how it was healing and one a couple months later for her to check it out again.

No more mole :


Schweiger Dermatology Group is a leading provider of medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology services with multiple locations throughout New York and New Jersey. Under the supervision of Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eric Schweiger, their offices are staffed with board certified dermatologists, certified physician assistants, plastic surgeons and licensed estheticians, who are dedicated to addressing  skin care needs.

Their dermatology providers offer advanced treatments and accommodations for all medical dermatology concerns. Some of the common medical dermatology conditions they treat include psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, acne, genital warts, melanoma, skin cancer, keratosis pilaris, cold sores, warts, skin tags, rashes, mole removal and Mohs micrographic surgery, an advanced method to safely and effectively remove cancer from the skin. Mohs surgery is regarded as the most advanced technique for removing Basel Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma, the two most prevalent forms of skin cancer.

The board-certified dermatologists at Schweiger Dermatology have received specialized training in mole surgery and mole removal. As soon as it has been determined that your mole needs to be removed, their physicians will talk to you about the various options for mole removal. One of the easiest methods of removing a mole is with a technique called excision, which is “shaving” the mole off with a scalpel either flush to the skin or right below it. Directly after excision, your dermatologist will send the mole to the laboratory to determine if it is precancerous or benign. The area is cauterized to stop the bleeding. Laser mole removal is another method that is used, but since the laser destroys the pigment, this method is not recommended unless the mole has already been determined to be benign. It is important to have the mole sent in for pathology prior to laser removal, to make sure the mole is not cancerous.

Rachel Nazarian, M.D., F.A.A.D.


  • Board-Certified Dermatologist
  • Published articles in medical journals as well as widely respected dermatology textbooks, such as Treatment of Skin Disease


  • General & Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Skin Cancer
  • Dermatological surgery


  • Medical degree at Tulane University School of Medicine, Dr. Nazarian was awarded a grant from the Women’s Dermatology Society
  • Faculty member at Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Department of Dermatology, where she completed her dermatology residency
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology





In full disclosure : I was not paid for this blog post but the mole removal was done complimentary


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