My holiday boots from AMI

I was just told about AMI Clubwear and there are some really cute pieces on the website – I LOVE THEIR BATHING SUITS and all their boots/ velvet shoes.  There are some adorable jackets too! There are obviously some sexy clubwear  / date night items…. but there are mostly tons of trendy items as you go through the site – jumpsuits, bomber jackets,  a cute little dress for a fun date night or in my case I wore my lace up boots that AMI gifted to me to Thanksgiving day dinner at the sweetest French Restaurant in Bushwick Mominette –

I also was sent one of the adorable bathing suits from AMI that I am totally going to wear when I go to Ft. Lauderdale in January for Underground Fashion in Fort Lauderdale – so excited to work on that event and to stay at W HOTELS.

But back to AMI – I loved learning a bit about the owner Yang Yang.

Yang always had a love for fashion and designer brands, but could never afford the designer price tag. Her love for fashion is the sole reason that led to her career. She began by selling items at an affordable price on EBay and eventually launched her very own e-commerce site, in 2004. The brand has since sky rocketed and is growing daily.


Check them out for awesome sweaters, jeans, chunky heels and tons of items to get you through the year – is an incorporated women’s clothing shop based out of one of the nation’s hottest fashion capitals in Los Angeles. Yang Yang famous for first creating the word “clubwear” in the late 90’s to describe the style of sexy and taboo clothing she designed is the CEO, founder and sole owner of

As a company they have always had a tremendous interest in new clothing lines, finding the newest trends and best of all; styling outfits that will make you look your best. With new items being added to the site every week, keep checking back you never know when a celebrity fashion trend may go “From the red carpet to your closet.”

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