We have to laugh at the studio – we have to be fun and sometimes we need to get creative so we have to put on our UNICORN horns…

Annie Bruce, founder of Brooklyn Owl lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and her daughter, Bee.  She created Brooklyn Owl in 2010 as a way to make the world more colorful and cute, one accessory at a time. Brooklyn Owl creates magical unicorn and monster horns, party garlands and cake toppers. Everything is handmade in New York City by Annie and her team of talented seamstresses.  Annie and Bee designed the Brooklyn Owl unicorn horn together when Bee was only four.  You can spot them galloping around New York City going on magical adventures.

Next time you have a friend’s birthday,shower, any type of party – rock the unicorn horns and get one for you and your niece, friend’s daughter …. you will have a magical day.

There are a ton of cute items on this website – garlands, cake garlands, rainbow unicorn horns and more –


Ok I try not to eat that much SUGAR except I indulge in some ice cream…. but then Valerie gives me the most decadent cake ever holy moly – but when I do eat SUGAR it has to be yummy and in this case funny…. IT’S SUGAR has some of the cutest and funniest treats – this one is REINDEER POOP – look at this little elf dealing with this chocolate problem 🙂  IT’SUGAR, the sweet experiential candy retailer had some of the funniest holiday candies : With highlights, including the Happy Whatever Doesn’t Offend You Chocolate Bar, Magical Reindeer Poop (strangely tastes exactly like chocolate covered cookie dough),  and the Happy Poo Year Chocolate Bar … beyond the holiday items IT’S SUGAR has so many

Go to their website and just buy someone some candy from cereal box sizes of gummy bears to a whole set that looks like SUSHI… there is something for everyone !






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