ISABEL ISABEL by designer Isabel and Artist Ruben Toledo available at Lane Bryant

toledoI have always been a fan of Isabel & Ruben Toledo – I have one of their books and several items I have collected through the years.  I loved it when I heard there was going to be a collection at Lane Bryant.  I actually borrowed some pieces a couple of years ago I think when collection first launched when I was helping style Danielle Brooks from Orange is The New Black on some of her press days – she wore one of the shirt dresses for an i-D magazine shoot. It looked awesome. I just received a note about the new fragrance isabel isabel and was asked if  I wanted to try it and I loved it – the packaging is so beautiful and the scent combination is really incredible.

Designer Isabel and Artist Ruben Toledo have done it again – mixing fashion with beauty – with their new fragrance for winter, Isabel Isabel – available exclusively at Lane Bryant.

Inspired by a fabric, Isabel Isabel is topped with Violet, Night Blooming Jasmine, Gardenia Blossom, Ashoka Tree Flower, Myrrh, Sheer White Musk. Ruben mirrored the fragrance in the packaging design which is a work of art in itself.

I love the story behind it check this out :

The story : When Ruben Toledo first laid eyes on his future wife, Isabel, they were both just 13 years of age. With her ebony hair glimmering in high school Spanish class, it was, in the artist’s own words, “Love at first sight.” Isabel was not as clairvoyant, “I fell in love with Ruben’s art before I fell in love with him.” And 40 years later, he still calls out to her, “Isabel, Isabel”. Almost as if she has two sides to her, a soft echo of femininity combined with a fierce warrior. Delicate, with a soft past, yet with a strength of character that is heightened by profound and lasting love.

The fragrance : Celestial. Inspired by a moon orchid, the fragrance is both gentle and delicate, yet with a warrior in its depth. A luminous watery floral fragrance with depth and texture that reaches unfound places and stretches into the beautiful darkness of florals, embraced by the weightlessness of the moonlight.

The packaging : The glass, fondly referred to as techni-artisan in concept, in that not only is the glass of superior lasting quality, but the decoration technique is a rare and exquisite process. The glass is first dipped in golden metal and then when set, it’s placed by hand into the arms of a proprietary laser etching robot that one-by
one, etches the window panels of the glass until it resembles the gilded hothouse of Isabel’s dreams. Then a third process of printing Ruben’s illustrations onto each bottle, all custom and with painstaking detail.

The carton carries Isabel’s design signature and aesthetic by putting all the secret pleasures on the inside, making sure the woman who owns it will discover with joy that the inside is as rich, or even more so, than the outside, like many of her dress designs. And together with Ruben’s art, we find the violet beauty of the moon orchid is deeply illuminated.

“Isabel, Isabel”, nurtured by Isabel and Ruben Toledo as a labor of love. Effervescent. Romantic. And remarkably timeless.

The Products 2.5 fl. oz. eau de parfum spray: $52.50 .33 oz. rollerball: $16.50

Isabel Isabel by Isabel Toledo will be available exclusively at Lane Bryant store

One of the photos from i-D magazine of Danielle Brooks in their dress :


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