First thanks for taking the time to check us out !

Everyone is talking about the power of the influencer ?  I agree influencer marketing is so important. There are many ways to go about it and we are proposing that one of those ways is working with us at Caravan Stylist Studio. This year we had over 400 appointments at the studio – when was the last time you threw a party and spent a ton of money and 400 influencers showed up !  We are so grateful for our visitors this past year.  We hope to constantly bring newness to the studio so we keep getting awesome people to visit the studio.

What is Caravan Stylist Studio — —- is an opportunity to bring together creatives…  bloggers, editors, celebrity talent, fashion designers, publicists, cool creatives…. we have a studio that is open year round during the week in NYC in the Fashion District.  We host events throughout the year during New York Fashion Week, Mother’s Day and a fun college blogger event. We also do lots of photo shoots throughout the year building content with other creatives.

We are offering an experiential space for people to discover. Invited guests receive the services complimentary and we hope they might instagram, blog, tweet, instastory about their visit but everything is organic.  On top of that we just hope we create new customers for the brands that support us along the way.

Email if you want to hear more about 2017.

We are doing a lot during NYFW and would love to chat about that or the studio in general.

Some articles about CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO & guest’s experiences :

Caravan Stylist Studio Welcomes the Neighborhood






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