The photo pictured as cover shot is from Samsung 837 space – Hu: Spectrum of Being. Samsung partnered with photographer Carlos Serrao to bring this interactive installation to life at the Samsung 837 space in New York’s Meatpacking District. This particularly approachable venue serves as a digital and cultural playground where guests interact with Samsung product alongside experience based art. Serrao’s site specific work consists of a promenade lined with LED lights, where guests moves through the space as four long exposure photographs capture their unique movement.

A digital photograph sent to each guest via email after walking the installation captures each guest’s “Spectrum of Being”. The “Hu” in the exhibit’s title, as one would guess, stands for “hue” for the color captured and “human” describing how the installation captures each individual’s essence.

Serrao used a long exposure to capture movement, an old idea laid out by the work of Muybridge and Edgerton, but his new digital interpretation is fun and fresh. Serrao notes that the team were “building the plane as we were flying it” and this allowed him to find inspiration.   It is commendable when companies like Samsung can partner with artists like Carlos Serrao because collaborations like these, supported by spaces like Samsung 837, help us switch up the standard art experience. Carlos was challenged to think outside the box and was given a new platform to explore express his study of movement and Samsung pushed their technological capabilities to the limit to make the installation happen. I am loving this exhibit.

I loved the one before that as well too.

Ok that is a bit on art / technology now what am I reading ?

I will admit I am a GOOP girl – I love it — I love all the ideas and products that GOOP turns me on to – whether it be a good book, a good deodorant… there are just lots of thoughtful ideas so was so psyched when I heard about  GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY

GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY is a must-have beauty bible that sheds a definitive light on topics such as diet & nutrition, the importance of sleep, the power of antioxidants and superfoods, and the impact of exercise, while offering tactical advice for skin issues and acne, as well as clean makeup product suggestions. Readers will also find beauty tutorials from some of goop’s expert makeup artists and hair stylists. GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY features delicious skin-boosting recipes including Kimchi Turkey Burgers, Grain Bowls, Two Ways, and Almond Butter & Sea Salt Cookies and 100 gorgeous photographs, including Gwyneth and other goop friends and family, all of whom share their own secrets, routines, and beauty rituals.

goop clean beauty.jpg

Launched in the fall of 2008 out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen, goop has grown from a weekly e-mail newsletter into a modern lifestyle brand and an indispensable resource for the very best, unbiased experiences, recipes, products, and advice. Led by Paltrow, goop includes a collective of editors who collaborate with a varied group of experts to curate an open-minded, curious approach to health-centric living. For more information, visit and get this book it is must have reading prior to the New Year !

Next up loving this book THE MIND ILLUMINATED – anything I can get my hands on about meditation I really love to read and this is a comprehensive guide.

Providing step-by-step guidance for every stage of the meditation path, this uniquely comprehensive guide for a Western audience combines the wisdom from the teachings of the Buddha with the latest research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Clear and friendly, this in-depth practice manual builds on the nine-stage model of meditation originally articulated by the ancient Indian sage Asanga, crystallizing the entire meditative journey into 10 clearly-defined stages. The book also introduces a new and fascinating model of how the mind works, and uses illustrations and charts to help the reader work through each stage. This manual is an essential read for the beginner to the seasoned veteran of meditation and can be read from front to back, or used as a reference guide, choosing chapters as needed based on the current state of the reader’s practice. You can find it on

The glasses loving all my new winter sunglasses these are perfect for when I go up to the mountain to go skiing – they are these awesome mirrored full on aviators –

Sunglass Warehouse, a one-stop sunglass shop for everyone in the family, offers multiple styles, shades, sizes, and shapes ! Do you favor the cat eye look? Check out SW’s Darling. Coming in five different colors! For Scott I am loving this vibe the look of wide-framed aviators? Featuring a metal and plastic combo, the Excalibur !

I love their blog by the way it is so fun –  -check out the site there are glasses for $11.95 it is crazy .. so many great styles and if you are like me I am always losing my glasses so this way I have the style without the guilt – guilt of maybe misplacing them and guilt of the high price tag – now I can have multiple styles for all my clothing looks !

I wrote about this book HIGHER before but loved this photo I captured with these VELVET sunglasses also from SUNGLASS WAREHOUSE !

I love the story behind this book — Amrita Sen is a visual artist, musician and storyteller.  She creates storybooks that lead to soundtracks and art exhibits.  Amrita’s first story, BollyDoll, was originally created as a series of fine art illustrations that debuted at Miami’s Art Basel in 2011.  Amrita evolved BollyDoll into a soundtrack, a live show, and eventually a fashion and accessories line. BollyDoll is distributed in department stores. Amrita’s second story, Cosmic and Eternal Love, is debuting through Barnes and Noble and Dillards.  It is a coloring book and gift collection that is inspired by the story of Radha and Krishna, a timeless Hindu mythology.


Always looking for cool books to share with my father – one half of SENIORS ON THE RUN – One other book that I recently checked out and my dad loved it was Flora Bowley’s CREATIVE REVOLUTION : My dad has taken up painting again and always looking for books to inspire him – Painting can be so much more than a mere hobby – it can be a vehicle transforming your mind, body, and spirit. Painting and bravely embracing the challenges of creativity sparks a revolution that involves heart, creativity, courage, and trust.

For author Flora Bowley, making art and expressing herself creatively have always served as potent forms of personal evolution and holistic healing.Half holistic guidebook, half painting how-to, CREATIVE REVOLUTION is the reader’s key to unlocking the door to their own personal journey while making beautiful art.

Flora Bowley is an internationally celebrated painter, workshop facilitator, author, visionary, and inspirationalist. Her soulful and transformational approach to painting has inspired thousands of people across the globe to “let go, be bold, and unfold” as they move through fear and welcome joyful spontaneous expression back into the creative process. She lives in Portland, Oregon.


Stone painting is meditative. Stone painting connects you with nature.  Painted stones give you a sense of accomplishment.  It is the new project I am having my father start for all his fans ( my family ). F. Sehnaz Bac’s painted stones sell on ETSY – I love that she is an Istanbul native and she studied archaeology and has a master’s degree in restoration and conservation.  She has worked at many excavation sites and lives in Italy.  Thank you to Dover Publications for the introduction to this beautiful artist. The book is called : THE ART OF STONE PAINTING and you can get it online ! Thank you to Dover Publications for sending it my way.




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