I loved picking out our holiday tree this year because we decided to get a fresh tree – we went up to Westchester to a dog friendly tree farm so that the dogs could smell around.  My in – laws took us with the truck and made it very easy for us to do this.  I felt bad for cutting down a tree but then my mother made a good point – all these trees are for sale that were cut down and tied up and waiting for a home what about all the trees that don’t get bought.  So at least if you go to the tree farm you are picking the tree you want and trees are not being wasted.

I was so excited to get our tree home to decorate and to use my BALSAM HILL TREE COLLAR. I want our house to feel like a zen cabin … we eventually when we decorate that will be our theme – a bit of nature and a bit of zen with a twist of rustic.  I loved this galvanized tree collar because it lent vintage rustic appeal to our Christmas tree. A novel alternative to traditional tree skirts, it is made from 100% iron and features two hinged pieces that wrap easily around to cover your tree stand.

balsam hill .jpg

  • Measures 34″ in diameter x 12″ tall
  • Made from 100% iron
  • Weighs 9.5 lbs
  • For indoor use only

It is priced at $129 and is something you will have forever so it is a great investment.

They have incredible wreaths and tons of décor check them out here :

Next year I plan to buy a Balsam Hill tree but for this first year in our house I just wanted to get a fresh tree.  At Balsam Hill™, they are committed to creating the best Christmas trees on the market. Their  founder, Thomas Harman, was inspired to start Balsam Hill by a family member who was allergic to live trees but wanted to create a festive atmosphere in his home during the holidays. When Thomas’ search for a lifelike artificial Christmas tree came up empty-handed, their mission was born to develop the most realistic and luxurious artificial trees. To accomplish this mission, their designers carefully craft our trees to mimic nature using site visits and cuttings from live trees as their guides.

We picked this tree that we called our Dr. Seuss tree it has this horseshoe on the top and hoping it brings us a lot of luck in 2017 ! I have a lot of special ornaments and Scott and I are trying to add to that as we go so on the top of the tree we have some ornaments my parents bought us and then a nativity set from our trip to AZORES that these children were making and we had to buy it – we have to remember to get an ornament wherever we go we have some from Peru, Cayman Islands, Azores, Istanbul but we have to do a better job.
Target had some amazing ornaments – I love their CAMP series and especially love this lumberjack – there was one left and we got it along with a RV ( for Caravan) and NOEL and a plaid K and some really cute little dressed up animals.. .ornaments were  $3.00 and so much detail and so well made ! I love TARGET ! I am so lucky that my mom has saved me some very special ornaments through my life from the 70s and 80s – I have Muppets, Ziggy, Holly Hobbie, ET and so many ballerinas and family and friends have added so many lovely ornaments to the trees – now I am trying to pick out some more with Scott & purchase some during our travels as well to add to the collection… we picked out a Douglas Fir tree – the needles are so fluffy we water it every morning and night to keep it hydrated!




This was a gift from my in- laws friend Al – it is the coolest DIY project I saw – he made this complete with a battery pack and it lights up – I love the Santa on it – he is skiing and feels like a little hipster … he has the coolest sweater and hat on and is even sporting a tan from skiing those slopes. On the tree there are balls that say NOEL – it was one of the most thoughtful and special gifts with so much heart put in. He is extremely talented and we will look forward to have Santa joining us for every Christmas going forward.




Here we are at the farm picking out the tree  we want to go somewhere that was dog friendly and everyone was so nice – they gave us cookies and cider and were so helpful – the farm was incredibly beautiful as well :

Hardwick Tree Farm

Mahopac, NY


To get into the Christmas mood I decided we took a little trip to Dyker Heights to see all the holiday lights with my parents- I think the block that has the most is on 84th between 11th and 12th but there are so many pretty houses in and out of 83rd – 85th 11th avenue – 13th avenue – there were crowds of people – if you do go it is important to give a donation if you can – a lot of houses are collecting money to help children in need and that is what the holidays truly are about – helping others !



Also coming home from TARGET we had our first snow fall at our new house it was so exciting !



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