First we just moved into a new house this year – it has been ups and downs.  I love my house but there is always something – it recently was our roof.  We had a leak that didn’t go away so we realized our deck on the roof was built wrong and caused a leak and the roof was just terrible – it had about 6 layers and still no insulation.  So after 3 days of back and forth with workers in our house we have a new roof.  When you buy a new house take the roof seriously especially if you are buying property in one of these restored houses in Brooklyn – they typically patch up the roof but don’t replace it so you could be stuck with a leaky roof like us! I feel like a lot of the workers we find are constantly trying to do add-ons… You need this, You need that – so make sure you find a trusted company to work on anything you have in your house – use ANGIE’s LIST – call references – ask for insurance certificates – look at ratings and get everything in writing.  If your roofer or contractor calls you with add ons or costs say I need it all in writing before I approve this – they typically will say but I will pick up the material today or I need to order this – still say I need it in writing- I am pretty savvy but I still have gotten caught up in this several times and then feel like I was overcharged in the end.  Going back to before you buy the house – inspect everything- actually in retrospect I would have gotten two inspectors to really double inspect.  My inspector caught a ton like I didn’t have a water heater ?? when they did the restore they forgot to put a water heater in but he didn’t catch the fact that our water pipes were mixed up so downstairs was getting only hot water and upstairs only cold water and that there were no electrical outlets for our dishwasher or water extensions for an ice machine. Sure some of this is luxury to have a dishwasher etc but you need it to work and it costs us a ton of money after the fact to fix our water pipes because we didn’t catch all of this in the inspection.  Our old roof being ripped up for our new roof to come in & our skylight even had to be changed:

There are several parts of my house that I love including this stain glass door that sets this beautiful prism on the wall – when things look messy I look at that and think everything will be ok :


So now that we are almost hopefully done dealing with all of the “issues” in the house we need to constantly make sure we are caring for the house and one important thing is FILTERS and AIR QUALITY. We are about to purchase some trees/ plants for inside to improve the air quality in the house but something we need to do is change our air filters and that is where this brilliant company FILTER SNAP comes in – they are delivery service



If you think you have clean air in your house, think again. If you haven’t changed your air filters, you’re not only wasting energy and upping your energy bill by some 15%, but you’re also exposing your family to an array of pollutants that would keep you awake at night if you knew about them. So be sure to add filter changing to your list – use a service like Filter Snap that delivers to your door on any schedule you choose. Tell the company the size and select the filter quality you like and the replacement schedule.  When the box shows up, you know it’s time for a filter change. Your family – and allergies will love you for it.

Radical Beauty: How to Transform Yourself From The Inside Out

I was so lucky recently to meet two of my favorite gurus that I have been following for years. Deepak Chopra who I have read so many of his books for the last dozen + years and Kimberly Snyder who I have followed maybe for the last three or four years maybe longer. I love her Green Smoothie. It was a joy to meet them thank you Tractenberg & Co Public Relations for making that happen.

It was a great event where they took us through the pillars of the book – and although a quick overview I learned a ton and I loved the book there are so many amazing ideas inside. I now want to create some type of grounded area with dirt in my backyard and I try to use oil as much possible and I am constantly trying to find time in my schedule to meditate and just breathe.  Go on Amazon and buy it today for yourself or as a gift this duo together created a great book to follow !

Radical Beauty focuses on six pillars of healthy living: Internal and External Nourishment, Beauty Sleep, Primal Beauty, Movement, and Spiritual Beauty.

These tips include:

  • Dietary shifts that optimize circulation, digestion and create nutritional balance for beautiful skin and hair
  • Anti-aging daily routines that soothe your nervous system and reduce the beauty-damaging effects of stress
  • Optimal sleep methods for hormonal balance and to promote your beauty
  • Ways to reduce toxic chemicals, radiation, and pollution in your body
  • Ayurvedic beauty secrets to help rejuvenate the body and slow aging
  • Breathing techniques and specific yoga poses to promote oxygenation and detoxification to feel and look your best
  • Meditation practices that can reduce chronic anger, worry, and fear
  • DIY recipes for skin masks, hair rinses and nail scrubs to improve beauty issues like acne, wrinkles and dryness
  • Healthy and beautifying recipe

HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION and what better way to do that then with a water bottle that also motivates you to rock your day !water-bottles

I love the story behind The 50 Strong Foundation seeks to EMPOWER manufacturing workers to gain further education and training in order to better their workplace and career path; EDUCATE students and teachers on career opportunities available in manufacturing; and INSPIRE others to help change America through manufacturing.  The 50 Strong Foundation awards scholarships to those engaged in or interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing.  The scholarship will assist the recipient with the cost of attending a technical, vocational, or trade school in order to enhance their manufacturing skills and knowledge.  50 Strong is a MADE IN USA manufacturer in OHIO! Their Simply Better Bottles collection are reusable water bottles they are stylish, BPS free and come with a lanyard for easy carrying, are cup holder ready.  10% of sales go to the 50 Strong Foundation providing scholarships to people pursuing careers in manufacturing I love this story !

I received this book a bit ago but carry it in my bag constantly because there is so much information and I love it — I also love that it feels a girlfriend is just giving me some tips it is written very well and it is relaxing to read —  PINA LoGIUDICE, ND, LAc


Cofounder of naturopathic clinic Inner Source Health, Dr. Pina LoGiudice is a well-recognized expert in the field of natural medicine. Here is a fun Q&A with her:

What do you mean by “glow”? When I talk about glow, I’m trying to describe an indescribable radiance, beauty, and shine that is exuded by people who are truly healthy and happy. It’s the kind of energy that doesn’t radiate from a good makeup and hair day. It is the outward manifestation of someone’s inner vitality. You have met those people – whether they are all scrubby in T-shirt and jeans, or dressed to the nines – they shine, and it’s infectious. It inspires the rest of us to shine, too.

I have serious trouble sleeping at night – I have restless legs or my mind won’t quiet down. What are some tips for better sleep? The first thing I recommend is always to first establish a sleep ritual or schedule.  The body loves having a consistent rhythm. First, I would ensure you are going to bed between 10-10:30pm, avoid eating to late or not eating dinner at all.  Next, avoid all blue screens (computers, ipads, texting) at least 30 minutes before bed. If you need to get the “to do” list off your mind, jot it down on paper and know it will be there for you in the AM.I always recommend a 20-minute mediation before bed as well to really relax the body and let go of the day. If these suggestions don’t work, then there are some excellent natural supplements. While there are many to try, two of my favorites are melatonin or tryptophan to help you fall and stay asleep, respectively. And, restless legs may also have an iron deficiency connection – so check your iron too.

There are so many diets and health trends out there. Is there any merit to any of these diet fads like fasting, paleo, raw foods, etc.? There are so many diet and health trends and there are merits to each. However, due to that fact that we are all individuals, you have to find the right diet regimen that resonates with your body. It is true that one man’s food is another man’s poison – so even among healthy food regimens, one person may do best with one versus another. However, I do believe out of all the research studies, the diet most beneficial for most people’s health and longevity is the Mediterranean diet. If you look at the “Blue Zones,” the places on earth where people live the longest, they seem to follow some version of what is a Mediterranean food plan.

 We all have those days where we’re a bit down in the dumps and struggling with a low mood. What are some tips to turning our day around? Low mood can have multiple factors.  It is a key to get good quality sleep, because poor sleep contributes to low mood. Exercise has been shown to work as well as any antidepressant in most cases. And, yes, breakfast still is the most important meal of the day – a good breakfast with plenty of protein will balance your blood sugar, to avoid fluctuations that can result in mood changes. Plus, the early protein will give your body the amino acids it needs to make plenty of neurotransmitters – the ‘feel good’ chemicals of the brain.  I strongly recommend checking vitamin D levels and supplement accordingly – for it can help boost mood. Also, supplemental fish oil and probiotics will also balance the brain. I find that doing daily meditations and having an affirmation or mantra that you say to yourself to counter any negative thoughts is also a great way to ward off the negative messages.  Finally, take some time to laugh – see a funny movie, and be goofy with friends by playing.

 Acupuncture looks painful. What exactly does it do and are the benefits scientifically proven?Based on thousands of years of study and practice, acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into various spots on the body, first to balance your energy, and then to balance your overall energy with the environment around you. In Chinese medicine, when your energy is out of balance, disease can follow. Acupuncture is actually quite relaxing. I have many patients who were first afraid of acupuncture, only to find that it’s calming and relaxing. The needles do not hurt. They feel like a pin stick that goes away quickly. Occasionally, you may feel a dull ache – nothing dramatic, but if for some reason you feel pain, tell your acupuncturist, and she’ll remove the needle pronto.And, everyday, more and more scientific studies back up what the Chinese have known for millennia. In fact, the World Health Organization has documented the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating over 250 diseases. Besides being effective, it is safe – acupuncture is very safe when performed by a professional; it does not adversely interact with other treatments, like drugs. It’s also safe during pregnancy and for breast-feeding women. Large scale studies have reviewed millions of treatments and found exceedingly rare side effects.

What exactly is detoxification – what is it for and is it something I should try? Our environment is full of toxins – and we know that in a person who is predisposed to disease, these toxins can help turn on autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and pretty much every disease humans face. Detoxification is a process to support your body to avoid incoming toxins, and release stored toxins.   There are several types of detoxification programs that are out there that can focus on different parts of the body to detoxify or you can detox the body as a whole.  The first step includes supporting the elimination pathways: sweating, bowel movements, and urinating. Without exercise, eating fiber and drinking plenty of water, the body’s natural ability to detoxify is inhibited. Once these are in place, then you can use various food regimens and herbal preparations to help your body clean out. I often will focus on a plan to support the liver’s ability to detoxify, by using nutrients and foods especially for that purpose. In our practice, we do recommend doing a preferably supervised detox program twice a year being that we live in a world that is very toxic on our system. Doing a detox allows the body to clean out and reset. Everyone is different, so the appropriate detox for you might be different from someone else’s, but yes, I do think you should try it.

 Are supplements necessary? If I eat healthy, shouldn’t I be getting everything I need through foods?Unfortunately, due to lack of crop rotation, lack of nutrients in our soil, and the increase of environmental burden on our bodies, I do think supplements are necessary. Studies have shown that none of us are getting enough nutrition from our foods. And if you exercise or are stressed, chances are you may be even more deficient by burning through those vitamins even faster. While in theory, eating healthy should be enough, sadly just eating healthy isn’t sufficient. For most patients, do recommend at least the basic 3 (see a multivitamin, an omega fish oil, and a probiotic. Then, if a person has particular needs or health concerns, then maybe one or two other vitamins and herbs might also be appropriate.

I was offered to read this book that I haven’t finished just yet but really getting some good knowledge from- I am typically a very HAPPY person I have dealt with a lot of pain especially over the last 8 years but then also a lot of happiness from finding my husband to finding Barrett and Noel to trips to good times with friends and family.  I have a bit of a struggling business which gets me very worried and sometimes even depressed. I am suffering from infertility which has taken a huge toll on my life. I try to stay positive but it is extremely hard sometimes.   I try to do a ton of meditation and stay positive.  In the past when I had issues I somehow just kept moving and that kept me going and I was always so busy with work. Now work sometimes has nulls and voids and empty time so during that time it is very easy to get depressed and just think about the negative.  I think this book will be helpful to me for that situation but I think overall learning a higher perspective or just being more spiritual and more in tune with yourself is a life lesson.


HIGHER by Charles Hanna

Author Charles Hanna is a Canadian success story.

But at the height of his entrepreneurial career his path took a dark turn. He slipped into depression, followed by addiction.Then, at his very lowest point, a fluke of perception allowed him to realize that his addiction was trying to kill him. In Higher, he describes his descent and the steps he took to discover a new path. Then he offers his roadmap to anyone struggling with despair, lack of fulfillment, or addiction.In the book Higher, Charles Hanna reveals the deep inner conflicts that caused him to crash from meteoric success into depression and addiction.Higher offers key insights about why today’s commonly embraced values fail to guide us toward fulfillment, and leave us empty and emotionally disconnected. Hanna then offers a roadmap to guide readers as they set out on their own journey to greater fulfillment and serenity. In Higher, readers learn:

  • How to develop a higher perspective
  • How to find a new path marked by thrilling and fulfilling choices and opportunities
  • How to process shame and secrets
  • How to cultivate self-love
  • How to heal the wounds of childhood
  • How to re-focus attention on blessings instead of lacks
  • How to always do the next right thing
  • How to establish new priorities that ensure a meaningful life
  • How to structure a daily routine that guarantees personal fulfillment

I just took my first class at MAHA ROSE I would go there every day or at least a couple times a week if I could – I wish I had the money because it is such an incredible calming place and you know magic is in the air.  I definitely want to take their breathwork workshop in February it is on my list to save for that.

I took the HAPPY EQUATION workshop filled with breathwork, meditation and just some facts about our happiness and how to improve our happiness levels.  My teacher was hysterical and well trained and had a ton of insight.  He sounded more like a doctor then just a spiritual guru or activist. He was legit. The part I loved is he used to be in the same field I am in and it was just a bit of a connection for me there. He teaches several classes and it is very informative and I would urge everyone to check his work out and also MAHA ROSE.


Are you ready to delve deep into how our mind, body and spirit connect? In this evidence based workshop he will show you how to understand Happiness from a physiological, psychological and spiritual perspective! He touches upon :

  • Neuroscience & The Blueprint Of The Mind
  • Neuroplasticity & The Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • The Gut & The Enteric Nervous System
  • How To Boost Your Happy Hormones Everyday
  • Turning Off Autopilot, Merge Conscious Goals With Subconscious Agreements
  • How To Eat For Energy & Lower inflammation, Eliminating Anxiety
  • The Main Causes Of Cravings, Primary Foods & The Energetics Of Food
  • The Yogic & Buddhist Contingency Plan For Enlightenment
  • Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Technology & Yoga Postures To -Tranquilize The Nervous System
  • Breath-work To Merge Left & Right Brain Hemispheres
  • The Science Behind Mantras & Affirmations.






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