Hi -I was so grateful for receiving this gift of ANCESTRY.com to check my DNA to get more information about my ANCESTRY -http://home.ancestry.com/.

I just received my DNA results back :  There is a lot of information there – I always knew I was Italian but didn’t know all these details for instance that 10% of my ancestry is Caucasus – and I wasn’t familiar with Caucasus heritage so needed to learn about more about that –

So how does it work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IIiORM3HnI


So what I found out :

*82% Italy/Greece – we always say we are Italian an we know that all my grandparents were “Italian” and my great – grandparents but along the way prior to that or at some point we were a bit more then just “Italian”



* 3 More regions



Primarily located in: Italy, Greece

Also found in: France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Algeria, Tunisia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo

Located in the south of Europe, against the Mediterranean Sea, this region gave rise to some of the most iconic and powerful cultures the Western world has known. The Greeks were first, with their pantheon of gods, legendary heroes, philosophers and artists. They subsequently influenced the Romans, whose vast empire spread its ideas and language across Europe.



Primarily located in: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey

Also found in: Bulgaria, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Palestine, Romania, Turkmenistan

The Greater Caucasus Range, running northwest to southeast between the Black and Caspian Seas, is the traditional line of demarcation between the continents of Europe and Asia. It was here, according to Greek mythology, that Zeus bound Prometheus for giving fire to humans. Linguistically, culturally, and even ecologically diverse, the Caucasus area is home to more than 50 ethnic groups and is one of 34 “biodiversity hotspots” (areas with significant, threatened biodiversity) in the world.

It also includes DNA  possible relatives I didn’t know anyone listed but it is hard to tell since a lot of people don’t use full names but my Uncle Andy was listed as the first so they got that right – I remembered he just did one of these

Andrew DiSanto (administered by Andrew DiSanto)

Possible range: Close family – 1st cousins

Confidence: Extremely High  

A bit of History Details Included in DNA test – a small sampling  :

Colonies of Italy/Greece

Besides Sicily and southern Italy, the Greeks established many more colonies around the Mediterranean, from approximately 750 B.C. until 500 B.C. Established as small city-states, most of these colonies were trading outposts. Others were created by refugees when Greek cities were overrun and the displaced inhabitants looked for new land. More than 90 Greek colonies were established, from Ukraine and Russia to the north, Turkey to the east, southern Spain in the west, and Egypt and Libya in the south.

The Classical Age of Greece began around the 5th century B.C. It was the era of Athens, Sparta, the birth of democracy, and many of Greece’s famous playwrights and philosophers. After two bloody wars with the Persian Empire, Athens and Sparta went to war with each other, leading to the eventual decline of both. The Macedonian king, Philip II, united the Greek city-states in 338 B.C. After Philip’s assassination, his son, Alexander the Great, became king of Macedonia and carried out his father’s plans to invade Persia. Alexander led his armies in conquest of the Middle East, part of India, and Egypt, spreading the Greek language and culture throughout much of the ancient world.

I would love to get everyone one of these- it is a great fun gift to give to others for them to have a bit more info about their background and to start building a link to one another.
Also on the website you can build out a family tree which is really nice.

My cousin Denise is amazing and did a ton of research and created a whole in – depth book about our family’s history on my Mother Mother’s  side which then links all the families together it is like a big WHO’s WHO with birth certificates and house deeds and even travel documents from when they came over from Italy – it is so interesting and special that I have to make sure to read through once a year.

Another great present I received are books from my parents with their history –  I need to have them work on similar projects because that and my grandma’s jewelry and my dad’s artwork are some of my most cherished gifts.

Give the gift of something special and heart felt for the holidays – consider ANCESTRY.com it is a very special gift to give.



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