Hanging out in my parent’s old hood at TABLE 87 with Rae & Mike enjoying my two favorite things: PIZZA and ICE CREAM. I know the healthy girl has some vices when it comes to these two favorite things !


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My parents met in the neighborhood this fun event took place at which was this very yummy coal oven pizza shop called TABLE 87 – the people are so kind there – very lovely staff and the pizza is great.


We were able to meet Owner and President of San Bernardo Ice Cream, Jonathan Tammara which was pretty amazing.

I loved attending this event by a family owned company so it was perfect I took my family to enjoy these new flavors which I think are PERFECT for the Italian Christmas Eve dinner and all other holiday events.

I love hearing about ice cream companies and how they come up with different flavors.
I have to say I am an ice cream snob sometimes thinking that my expensive taste in some of my “artisanal ice creams” are the best but I have to say that Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip is still my favorite mint chocolate chip out there and I have to say San Bernardo makes some incredible ice cream for very affordable prices. I will say that L&B Spumoni gardens is still going to be my favorite Spumoni but I think San Bernardo did an amazing job creating a Spumoni – it is very different then the L&B Spumoni I grew up with but it is made with cherries and they are pretty amazing ! There are real cherries and amaretto in the Spumoni and it is really flavorful. The cherry flavor is memorable. Other flavors included : Amaretto Praline Pecan, Biscotti with Sea Salt Caramel Swirl, Cannoli and Tiramisu from the Italian Escapes

The Tiramisu tastes like you are eating Tiramisu it is really wild – I have to say it is legit.

The Amaretto Praline is a great flavorful ice cream and the Biscotti is terrific.
These are all vanilla based ice creams and they are so interesting.

Ooops I forgot to tell you about the Italian Cheescake with a Rasberry swirl made with real mascarpone cheese !

They really make you feel like you are escaping to Italy.

I didn’t get to try the Cannoli so I think they need to send that one to me 🙂

San Bernardo Ice Cream

San Bernardo Ice Cream is a family owned and operated ice cream manufacturer known for unique flavors (try Cactus Pearfection and Biscotti) and clever twists on old favorites (Tiramisu and Mango definitely deserve an OMG).  Although not currently a household name, San Bernardo is offered on majority of cruise ships around the world – as it has for almost 20 years.  There’s a good chance you’ve tasted it and loved it, only never saw the package.

Thanks to a new product launch in 2014 of their signature Escapes™ Ice Cream Collection, the company, with more than 45 years of tasty tradition, can now be found on the shelves of almost 1,000 grocery stores.  The world is full of ingredients, so choose your flavor and escape in every scoop.

I would highly recommending getting some asap especially if you are entertaining this holiday season – these will be a huge hit !



In The Beginning

Originally an old Cuban dairy company with almost 100 years of history, San Bernardo Ice Cream came to the United States to bring “the old flavors of home” to the throngs of Cubans taking up residence in Miami in the 1950s and 1960s.

San Bernardo Ice Cream was the local scoop shop and a mainstay in community for the original Miami-Cuban community that settled around Flagler and 12th Avenue (known as “La Sagüesera”) – long before there was a Little Havana.

With tropical delights like Mango, Coconut, Mamey, Guanabana, Guava and Anon – San Bernardo served giant cones, monster five-scoop sundaes and seemingly bottomless batidos (Cuban-style milkshakes) to the delight of Cuban immigrants and Miami natives alike.  Sadly the last of the San Bernardo Scoop shops closed in the early 1980s – but there are plans to try and bring them back!

Tropic Ice

In 1971 San Bernardo was acquired by Tropic Ice, then an Italian ice manufacturer in South Florida by way of Philadelphia.  Tropic Ice maintained the San Bernardo Ice Cream brand and promptly expanded their product line to include the tropical flavors of ice cream San Bernardo was known for.

San Bernardo Ice Cream quickly expanded beyond Cuban Ice cream to bring specialty ethnic flavors of ice cream and Italian ices to the broader Latin community. The company began manufacturing products at their South Florida facility, where the family-owned company is headquartered and quickly expanded into more traditional flavors and helped introduce specialty, ethnic ice cream flavors throughout the country.

Scoop it!

At its height, San Bernardo Ice Cream had a retail presence in more than a half dozen states and was in more than 2,000 supermarkets in Florida, New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois (including Publix, Winn Dixie, Albertsons, Pantry Pride, Piggly Wiggly and Grand Union).  San Bernardo also operated more than a dozen scoop shops running from South Florida to New Orleans (old menu can be found online at the Tulane Digital Library).

In 1979 Bob Tammara started Food Marketing Consultants, Inc. as a food brokerage service to work with Tropic Ice’s sales force in locating new products and increase distribution. Food Marketing was always a step ahead in spotting food trends.  The resulting partnership between Tropic Ice and Food Marketing Consultants was instrumental in helping to introduce a wide variety of specialty, ethnic brands and products to the Florida market place.  These products included Zatarans, Chef Paul Cajun Magic, China Bowl, Bookbinders, Dove Bar, Snickers & M&M Ice Cream, Tuscan and Dannon frozen yogurt products and more.

Setting Sail

In 2004 the distribution business was sold to Nestle, but Food Marketing Consultants kept the rights to the San Bernardo Ice Cream label and focused their attention on expanding the brand behind the scenes.  For more than a decade San Bernardo Ice Cream has built a global brand in non-traditional food service areas, like the cruise line industry.  San Bernardo supplies most of the ice cream to the global cruising industry along with an ever-growing international network of food service and ice cream distributors. San Bernardo’s ice cream, frozen desserts and specialty products are currently served on more than 75% of the cruise ships in the world.

The Road to Retail

In early 2012, San Bernardo Ice Cream decided to re-introduce the brand to consumers.  With more than 150 flavors San Bernardo food service products are available in almost a dozen states and another half dozen countries.  It did not take long for the company to re-introduce the specialty flavors.

The company re-entered the domestic retail market in 2014 for the first time in more than 20 years.  Now their and unique ethnic and specialty flavors can be found in restaurants and an ever increasing number of food service distributors around the country. Today San Bernardo Ice Cream’s Tropical Escapes® and Italian Escapes® can be found in more than 700 supermarket and grocery stores from DC and NY to Boston and St. Louis, including ShopRite, Safeway, Schnucks, Big Y, King Kullen, Kings, Bravo and C-Town, some Key Foods and more.

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