First I need to go to the store to get my little hipster ornament…. I can’t get him online but in the store they have the most adorable “CAMP” themed ornament section I love this since I love camping and glamping and adventure and it feels very CARAVAN this holiday ornament collection he is priced at like $4.00 that is crazy

While you are camping in the woods beware of this guy so adorable but the one thing you should be aware of are the incredible prices at TARGET for ornaments and holiday items

This awesome deer head and there is a bear too is $15 — that is crazy I am so getting one for my door I love it !

I love these as well for $29.99 each they are so cool for your house anytime of year

Need this fur stool love it !

Need the ball string banner so cute for a kid’s room to decorate or for the holiday tree for $12.99 I will take two, three, four love it !

My pets need these looks they are so good !

I love these vintage looking trees and loving the pastel colors starting at $9.99 and going to $19.99 you can’t beat that – they are a great gift too !

These guys just make me smile look at all the detail on them !

Love love the pillow choices – starting at $24.99 it is a great way to festify your house !

Huge fan of ALOHA so excited they will be avail at TARGET !

Ok my new thing is fairy making kits… so I need one of these I am going to build some fairy doors and such out in the backyard I think this is adorable !

 Already purchased these to make them with my parents one day – I adore these and the price was crazy affordable – love the animal kit too – this is the yarn kit and on the target.com website already too

I have a dog named NOEL so I need this for my husband – our dog is delirious sometimes barking … this is DELIRIUM beer one of favorite beers I drank it all through Belgium

Love anything with a CARAVAN !

We love board games so really want these games !

I didn’t know who this guy was but he reminded me of the guy from the NEVERENDING STORY one of my favorite movies of all time – FurReal Friends torch Blazin’ Dragon, $79.99

I am an ice cream lover so when I saw this I flipped I don’t have any children yet but if I knew I had a girl at some point I would need to add this to her wish list I love this toy

Our Generation Ice Cream Truck, $109.99 Our Generation Deluxe Doll Noa, $34.99


seriously – Cat & Jack Unicorn Slippers, $8.99

Let’s have some punch and toast to a HAPPY HOLIDAY with lots of awesome holiday items… hoping some are under my Christmas tree !

hint hint… Threshold Copper Beverage and Barware Tools, $12.99–$24.99

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