The Magical World of OSGEMEOS their first show in NYC at Lehmann Maupin

wp-image-919314272jpg.jpgwp-image-517623523jpg.jpgwp-image-130959881jpg.jpgI had to gt to the Lehmann Maupin gallery in Chelsea New York to see Silence of the Music by the Brazilian artist duo OSGEMEOS. It was their first show in NYC ! There are two brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo and they used several rooms of the gallery. It was exciting and bright and just made you smile !

They started in the 1980s as graffiti writers in Sao Paulo – signatures include yellow characters, dark red outlining and patterned designs. They wanted to make art accessible to others building optimism. The exhibition does pay tribute to music there is a B-Boy room where there is a boom box– OSGEMEOS was inspired by the 1970s and 80s – the golden age of hip hop.


They push boundaries which I love some of their work feels magical, imaginative and almost spirtual. There is one room called Kiss – it is painted in bright hues that there is masculine mechanical sculpture and then affixed on the ceiling above is this female moon shaped sculpture it almost seems to be kissing the other sculpture.


Their indiscriminate yellow tone is supposed to defy racial association. My favorite room was this space with the ocean and it felt peaceful in certain spots and then a bit like rough waters in others – like a balance in a way – the room was extremely meditative with this incredible moon right in the middle.


I love walking through Chelsea all outside you find awesome street art too love this wall


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