At Caravan Stylist Studio we just did a video with Condenast The Scene on costumes that you can wear to work and then out for cocktails and then full on glam costumes – you can check it out on our facebook here :



Did you know that :

 83 percent of pet parents celebrating with their pets planning festive pet costumes or accessories;

65 percent will treat their pets to a special gift.

I love those numbers – pets bring so much happiness into our lives we should buy them a little treat or give them a little treat as much as we can !

These facts came from a survey PETCO conducted and it is so fun !

Halloween isn’t just for kids and candy-loving grown-ups, as more and more pets are getting in on the spooky holiday fun too. According to a recent Petco survey*, 59 percent of pet parents say their pet will participate in Halloween this year, a 9 percent increase from 2015, with 27 percent of respondents who plan to participate confirming this will be the first year their pets will partake in the Halloween festivities.


Pet parents intend to show off the joy they find in the human-animal bond, with 83 percent planning to dress pets head-to-tail in Halloween costumes and accessories, and 65 percent planning to gift their pets with Halloween-themed treats and toys.


Petco has these festive pet parents and their pets covered with a fun assortment of pet costumes and accessories – now available at Petco stores nationwide and online at Petco’s “Bootique“.

For the pup looking to express an edgy personality this Halloween, the Rockin’ Dog Mohawk & Collar Set is a perfect fit, while more regal feeling dogs can channel their inner queen with the Marie Dogtoinette Dog Wig. The Carnival Pet Costume is a must for the pup or kitty who wants to cha-cha-cha all night long while begging for treats! Halloween is also the one day sassy felines can show off their true colors with the Devil Cat Costume.

 For pet parents planning to treat instead of trick, the LED Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Ball will provide furry friends with hours of fun, while the Get Batty Ball Cat Toys, Pack of 2 will tickle any cat’s fancy and allow pet parents to engage and bond with their playful feline.

In celebration of the festive season, Petco will also showcase a series of online and in-store events throughout October to foster memorable moments for pets and pet parents:

You can get in the fun this SATURDAY ! 

  • Petco’s Halloween Pet Costume Contest: Bring your pet in to strut their stuff at Petco’s Halloween pet costume contests, taking place Saturday, October  29 at 2 p.m. local time at Petco and Unleashed by Petco stores nationwide. Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy will also be making an appearance at the Union Square Petco store in New York on October 29 to serve as a judge for the contest. At this special event only, the top three winners will receive a special Olympic-inspired medal and a moment to stand proud on a podium wearing their costumes.

After I heard all this I checked out  PETCO’s boutique –  they sent me some awesome costumes… as we all know Noel is a bit of naughty boy sometimes – he loves to be heard – He loves to bark – barking barking barking ! So we had to charge him with BARKING MANIAC I loved this costume – with his little prison stripes and it came with a hat too which was so cute but he thought it was a toy and ripped it boo ! but you get the idea…. I took some mug shots of him ! Then Barrett she will just go with the flow we call her our little pumpkin sometimes so this was perfect for her !

There are so many costumes on PETCO Halloween shop it is awesome – so go today and get one so you can have a cute dog in a costume greeting those trick or treaters – it is a real treat —

For under $15.00 you can make people smile and laugh so much there is a sailor that is adorable – Halloween Bootique Sailor Dog Costume

A candy corn costume that is so cute :

The gator costume is AWESOME –

There are awesome cat costumes too – a FISH BAIT one that is so cute –

wp-image-1539442623jpg.jpgwp-image-1885067079jpg.jpgwp-image-2090718930jpg.jpgwp-image-740610206jpg.jpgI think he is about to bark again !So cute you can write in the CHARGE wp-image-375562178jpg.jpg

I can’t wait to see the movie TROLLS  – I loved my trolls growing up and the movie just looks super fun so when PETCO showed me their TROLL dolls I had to get them for my little ones… they are so beautifully designed with a ton of detail and lots of fun suprises like a trick where you can switch one dress to the other so the dog has the ability to have a little trick they can perform …. also one that has some pull toys on it – Barrett really didn’t get a chance to play with them because Noel hogged them – he is a bit of a toy hoarder – The awesome part is there are TROLL costumes for the dogs too the big hair I loved them —

The toys seem to range from $5.99 – $12.99 for the doggies and there are some cat toys starting at $4.99



I am always looking for healthy food for the doggies and heard about  Zuke’s® new Puppy Naturals™ – with tons of vitamins and each treat is less then 3.5 calories… this is genius because I am always trying to train the dogs not to eat from the ground ( they are beagles so they are always being little scavengers so having healthy treats in my hand instead keeps their heads up instead of down) and also for Noel’s barking – I try to curb it using a clicker sometimes and a treat so these are great and the flavors are perfect for them.

Packed with protein, rich in Vitamin A and E, and loaded with DHA and EPA to help support healthy brain development, this highly palatable new lineup is made with the special nutritional needs of puppies in mind. Available in a variety of flavors including Salmon flavor and my dogs love the Peanut Butter – each variety is made in the USA and completely free of harsh additives, preservatives, and the common allergens grain, wheat, corn and soy.

Zuke’s Puppy Naturals moist treats are available across the country at pet-supply chains, independent pet-product stores, natural-food retailers, and online. Also check out Zuke’s original moist treats called Mini Naturals®. Visit for more information.

I love their website by the way it is beautifully done with lots of great tips so definitley visit it – you can find where to purchase online and saw they were at PETCO too

I am talking about the Dog snacks because I have taste testers and they always want more but they do have Cat treats too !



You also have :


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