I love meeting entrepreneurs and those with amazing stories there was a ton of that at the

This is held in the beginning of October so mark your calendars next year because you get to meet amazing business owners in the world of chocolate, taste chocolate, hear fascinating stories and go to amazing classes.

Sampling of Classes :

10AM White Chocolate, Pecan, Cranberry and Orange Bark with Kathryn Gordon, Institute of Culinary Education

11AM Hand Rolled Chocolate Truffles with Jessie Riley, Institute of Culinary Education and CityTech

12 PM Breakfast Brownies with Sarah Chaminade, Institute of Culinary Education

1 PM Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie with Penny from Sugar Couture

3:30PM Chocolate Center Piece: Technique and Decoration  with Jacques Torres

4:30PM Five Things I Didn’t Know about Chocolate Before I Started Making It with Michael Laiskonis, Institute of Culinary Education

5:30 Bean to Bar Chocolate -Making at Home with Erin Andrews, Indi Chocolate

Shout out to :  ABBE ARONSON

The organization of letting us know about the event and getting us in was so well done and detail oriented and there was so much care to detail – I need to thank Abbe

One of my favorite stories was from these guys – they believe in a certain Dutch Tradition needs to be shared with the world : chocolate on bread.  Not just any chocolate – beautiful chocolate in these incredible bottles.The brand is HAGELSWAG it was a KICKSTARTER project and they were able to start shipping the premium chocolate around the world to 25 countries. It is fair traded chocolate, Amsterdam Original and 55% Cacao. Learn more on

wp-image-361230446jpg.jpgwp-image-1061925847jpg.jpgNext up is Marie Belle / Cacao Market – Marie Belle is a gem of a place so it was so nice to see them at the show  – Maribel Lieberman is the founder of MarieBelle New York, and to this day its most inspired doyenne. From her first chocolate shop in Soho, Maribel’s passion for discovering and sharing new flavors has seen her continually reinvent how we enjoy chocolate. I love their timeline : and more about their commitment to the finest chocolate here


Loved the story behind GOTHAM chocolates – the pastry chef of Gotham in NYC, Ron Paprocki set up to create a chocolate labe in the heart of Gotham Kitchen.  The bars that un from 70% to 35% are incredibly delicious and the packaging is beautiful such an unique gift and then the bonbons are incredibly beautiful – mini pieces of artwork. This is an amazing gift to bring back if travelling from New York. This collection of bonbons begins with the farms at The Union Square Greenmarket, where our chefs find inspiration throughout the year. The flavors this year are: NYC Rooftop Honey, Blackberry-Balsamic, Raspberry-Thyme and Mint Julep (spiked with Michter’s Bourbon). A little taste of the Greenmarket wrapped in chocolate.


My first stop at the show was Christopher Elbow – they had me try some incredible chocolates and they have this adorable skelton just in time for Halloween -  Beyond this they have incredible beautiful artistic chocolates ranging in flavor from LIME VANILLA to COCONUT CARMEL and they are decadently delicious – another website you need to visit asap for holiday gifts I tried their  fresh lemon marmalade and lemon infused white chocolate ganache – it is memorable I can still taste it wp-image-1526727485jpg.jpg

I have an affinity to Peru so the beautiful graphic packaging stopped me to chat with the founder of GLENNMADE and I loved trying the different nibs from the different spots – and it is handcrafted in Hoboken which I love businesses popping up in Hoboken and Brooklyn !

Loved meeting the founder of INDICHOCOLATE and see her amazing packaged gifts. I was able to get a Mole Spice Rub and we are loving it  – . Love the chai tea bag – as a gift and  – The warm spices of chai could only be improved with notes of chocolate. A great $10 gift available on the website ! indi chocolate is a family-owned and operated business in Pike Place Market, Seattle WA.  They make hand crafted small-batch dark chocolate, teas, and savory cacao spice rubs, as well as body care products made with cocoa butter.  Check it out : https://indichocolate.comwp-image-1776010188jpg.jpgwp-image-37580103jpg.jpgwp-image-1550083520jpg.jpg

I love this company and need to do something with them at the studio so much attention to detail –  “Chocolate Fashionistas,” which combines their love for chocolate and fashion all rolled into one! Their stylish mini-mannequins wear neat outfits with accessories and different patterns, all made of chocolate. Drizzle can customize their “Fashionistas” to your own style, personality, favorite outfit and/or event – which will make them YOUR very own “Fashionistas,” tailored to your specific occasionwp-image-11607069jpg.jpg

From fashionistas to spaceships loved meeting Jon Good of Jon Good chocolates – he was just happy and chocolate should make you happy and he is based in Brooklyn ! yay !  All chocolates are union-made by members of the Intergalactic Brotherhood of Turbolaser Makers, Exhaust Port Fitters, and Droid  Operators


Next up that stopped me was Luv Michael – I first stopped because my dad is Michael but then I heard their incredible story and this is what you need to buy for all those stocking stuffers this holiday season – I bought the granola for my dad and they loved it plus here what they do –

At Luv Michael, they train, educate and employ people with Autism.

They started in September 2015 as a small home business hand making gluten free and nut free granola has grown into a professional food start up business distributing their delicious snackable  granola to over 30 stores in the New York area including select  Starbucks and Fresh and Co.

The Liberatore and Kessaris family are working with autism specialists to develop an entire curriculum based upon the New York State food handler’s license and are dedicated to not only teach cooking and food safety but also all aspects of a small business including sales, marketing and customer service and distribution.

Luv Michael is truly a labor of love and is empowering the lives of our students whom we call ” granologists”.

Purchase some at :


Loved the whimiscal nature of John & Kira – check out the magical mushrooms – they just make you smile – it is like you jumped into Alice in Wonderland – In the midst of an ancient and dense forest, there grew Magical Chocolate Mushrooms made with deep dark chocolate and filled with lusciously smooth caramels. This 9pc boutique box contains a trio of chocolates: Purple Mushrooms feature a salted caramel center, yellow contain a rum-pecan caramel and red hides a caramel touched with chili.

There are also super cute hot air balloons available on the site !


wp-image-1952434169jpg.jpgShout out to RAAKA – just visited their factory in Red Hook – you can visit it too – their chocolate is AMAZING and the packaging is a perfect host / hostess gift –

wp-image-945008978jpg.jpg – I loved learning about these chocolates from such an amazing group — these were especially delicious the group of chocolate & ground coffee together – I am not a true coffee drinker but loved the taste of these above !


And have to include the Italians – loved the family history since 1930 De Martini has been making chocolates :

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