Of course flowers are always an incredible hostess gift or gift all around.  I just received two incredible sets of flowers one for my birthday from my parents which they got in TRADER JOES can you believe I did not know they sold flowers  ( they are still blooming and now over 2 weeks old!) and then this incredible creation that is like art work from a designer I recently worked with – so funny I brought this flower bouquet all the way home to Brooklyn from studio so I can have it on my desk to enjoy – I spilled the water all over me on the way home and I get off the subway and in the middle of Bushwick a bee is there when I get out of the train station and he is buzzing around and going from one flower to the next but I would not give up my bouquet finally he decided to buzz away – and I still have this beautiful bouquet on my desk.

Both sets of flowers were so unique and speaking of unique I just found two incredible gifts I was just sent MOCHIDOKI which I am about to send to a friend that just hosted Scott and me for a lovely dinner – for $10 you get 4 delicious artisinal mochi delights. They are full with flavor and are so lovely.  The other great idea is FRUIT BLISS which you can order an assortment online and put in a pretty box and gift – it is healthy and so tasty and unique.
The first is more of a decadent treat which you should only treat yourself to here and there since there is sugar but it is so good – MOCHIDOKI – my rule is if you are going to do sugar – then eat something decadent and amazing and the other is FRUIT BLISS which I have been having every day as a fruit snack.

More below on both :


MOCHIDOKI ( love the name )  is made in small batches allowing them to use premium natural ingredients sourced through the finest local purveyors.

  • All-natural flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • rBST & rBGH free milk and cream
  • No artificial colors
  • Simple ingredients
  • Gluten-free options
  • Kosher certified

There are several different boxes you can choose from some of my favorites are : They created a collection of mochi inspired by the bold flavors of Thailand. Rich coconut, aromatic Thai tea, ginger and mango will take your palate on a journey a world away.

There is an exotic collection  –  With ingredients such as lychee, Mandarin orange, Matcha green tea and the finest cocoa, these special flavors will swirl together into something that will transport you to your favorite getaway.

Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and a cozy backyard picnic at the same time with our Classic and Americana Collection favorites. A flavorful mochi journey across the world in a few delicious bites.

Mochi is made from mochigome, a short grained glutinous rice common in the Far East. The rice grains are harvested, hulled, and ground into a fine powder called mochiko. This powder is then combined with water and sugar and steamed, creating mochi dough. It has a light, fluffy and chewy texture which slowly melts in your mouth and is used in a wide variety of japanese dishes. Mochi has a rich history dating all the way back to the 10th century. Originating from Japan, it was first eaten by emperors and royalty. Historically, mochi is woven into the fabric of life in Japanese culture. In ancient Japan, mochi was seen as a sacred dish that symbolized prosperity in the coming New Year. The term “mochi” comes from the verb “motsu” meaning to hold or to have, signifying that mochi is food given by Heaven. Blocks of mochi were made as early as the 18th century. Families and communities would gather after a successful harvest for mochitsuki, a ceremony where they would pound the cooked rice with wooden mallets until it forms a smooth paste.

Find out more here :

mochi2mochi3mochi4mochiwp-image-983868274jpg.jpgwp-image-1960739245jpg.jpgwp-image-410931891jpg.jpgLet’s talk about FRUIT BLISS ! wp-image-481541416jpg.jpg

Susan Leone is the founder and I love her story : she is a mom living in Brooklyn. Susan was on the lookout for healthy snacks for her children. But she quickly learned that even the “healthy” and organic options were often full of added sugars. She decided to create Fruit Bliss to provide a truly healthy snack to families, athletes, and people on the go.

  • Fruit Bliss is organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and has no added sugar.
  • Susan sources the very best fruits. Fruit Bliss plums are from Agen, France; the apricots, figs, and tomatoes are from Turkey; the dates come from Tunisia and Algeria; and the golden berries are from Peru.
    I love how people come up with brilliant and in this case yummy ideas:While taking trips with her husband to visit his family in Turkey, she came upon rehydrated fruit, a different kind of “un-dried” fruit snack that is popular in Europe. With the grocery aisles in the States feeling limited in terms of simple, healthful and sustaining snack foods, she knew that this item would be embraced in the US.”Made from the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit” – Just along the way, the fruit gets a little steam bath to infuse some water.Fruit Bliss is very different from typical dried fruits. One thing you will notice is that all of our fruits are a natural dark color. This is what happens as the fruit oxidizes naturally drying in the sun. Most dried apricots are a bright orange color because they have added sulfur dioxide, a chemical color preserver.

    Why you don’t want Sulfur Dioxide:

    Sulfur Dioxide is often used in dried fruit as a preservative and to preserve its appealing bright color. Even though the FDA considers it safe to consume in small amounts, why would you want to? Sulfur dioxide is a toxic gas and can cause reactions such as breathing problems, skin rashes, upset stomach and an asthma attack in those that have even slight sensitivity.

  • Like I said put it in a box and gift this to all your co – workers / friends / family for the holidays – it is a great and smart gift :
  • Make sure to put in the refrigator after you try them
  • Also you can utilize them for different recipes like date energy balls and morefruitbliss

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