I always heard about Carlo’s Bakery but I have never been so when I was offered the chance to get an insider’s view & tour of how these incredible cakes come together I was so intrigued….  Carlo’s Bakery, featured on the TLC hit show Cake Boss, is known for its delicious pastries, desserts and cakes. Carlo Guastaffero originally opened the family bakery in 1910, and Bartolo Valastro Sr. acquired it in 1964. Since the untimely passing of Bartolo Sr. in 1994, matriarch Mary Valastro and her children Grace, Maddalena, Mary, Lisa, and master baker Bartolo Jr. “Buddy” Valastro have expanded the business with the help of their spouses. Buddy is a fourth-generation baker, whose father taught him everything about baking and running a business. Today, Carlo’s Bakery has 13 locations throughout the U.S., in addition to a 55,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey, where Valastro and his team create thousands of wedding cakes, specialty cakes and delicious Italian pastries. NBC’s Today Show viewers voted his design as the best cake in America, and his award-winning cakes have been featured in countless bridal and baking magazines, such as Modern Bride and The Knot.



Basically if you like cake and art mixed together then you would jump at the chance of meeting Buddy Valastro and so I did along with my in – laws that were visiting from Massachusetts. It was the opportunity to meet him and to hear all about Whole Earth Sweetener Co.  This is something very close to me – if you follow along in coming posts you will see I just organized a BEAUTY CABINET filled with healthy treats during NYFW, snacks without as much sugar.  Don’t get me wrong I am one of the biggest ice cream enjoyers out there so I am not anti – sugar but I do believe that reducing sugar in take is so important.  That is where Whole Earth Sweetner is really incredible… especially for someone like my father that likes his sugar in his morning coffee…. I know Buddy agrees on this thinking about what you are putting into your coffee:

wp-image-587502071jpg.jpgwp-image-1750452706jpg.jpgBuddy said, “I drink a cup of coffee first thing every morning with milk and sugar, but I want to make healthier lifestyle changes, so I know I need to change the way I sweeten my morning coffee! That’s why I’m partnering with Whole Earth Sweetener Co. on its line of zero and lower calorie sweeteners, including the Nature Sweet packets — a zero calorie way to sweeten my coffee without losing that great taste I love. Join me to rethink sweet together.”

wp-image-119650018jpg.jpgwp-image-1408278305jpg.jpgwp-image-460995055jpg.jpgWhole Earth Sweetener Co. announced a new partnership with celebrity chef, entrepreneur and television personality Buddy Valastro on a campaign to “Rethink Sweet.” The renowned Carlo’s Bakery owner – famous for delicious pastries, desserts and cakes – is a fourth-generation baker, whose family is highly dedicated to quality and excellence. Buddy will serve as the official brand ambassador for the new line of zero- and lower-calorie sweeteners, and will work to help his fans make healthy lifestyle choices, without compromising on taste. “With the Food and Drug Administration establishing a Daily Recommended Value of 50 grams for added sugars, consumers are changing the way they look at food and how they eat, without sacrificing taste,” said Gio D’Alessandro, Chief Marketing Officer at Whole Earth Sweetener Co. “Whole Earth Sweetener Co. is thrilled to partner with Buddy Valastro to help consumers Rethink Sweet. The only thing sweeter than Buddy coming on board as brand ambassador are the delicious recipes and baked goods we plan to share with consumers in the coming months using our lower calorie Whole Earth Sweetener line.”

wp-image-1860695369jpg.jpgWhile there we were able to indulge in yummy treats and enjoy cake that Whole Earth Sweetener was used to cook it and the cake tasted delicious still as well as decorate our own gingerbread cookies. It was a fun day to see behind the scenes but also to learn about an an amazing company that is allowing you to enjoy your morning coffee or a piece of cake without having to worry about all the sugar intake as much.

wp-image-1722123774jpg.jpgWhole Earth Sweetener Co.’s range of products is now available in 45 states from more than 60 select retailers and on amazon.com.

Whole Earth Sweetener offers great tasting, zero calorie sweeteners such as Nature Sweet® and Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate as well as a line of products that have 50% fewer calories per serving than their traditional counterparts: Baking Blend, Turbinado Raw Cane 50, Whole Earth Sweetener Honey 50 and Whole Earth Sweetener Agave 50. Consumers can choose the great taste of Whole Earth Sweetener products as part of a healthy lifestyle—and that is something that consumers, health professionals, and food producers can truly feel good about.




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