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Love this HYPEBEAST video they did really showcasing MODERN VICE

As you can see you can find an amazing pair of shoes on their website everything from the simple and sleek black boot to the the item inspired by a music legend such as the one with the lightning bolt inspired by Bowie or the homage to Prince. They have one that is pink and says CHIC SHIT or the gold or the rainbow. There is something for everyone. Whatever you choose even a simple black one you will still feel like a bit of a rock star when you wear them.

modern vice 11modern vice 10modern vice 9

This is a family business of brothers that followed in their father’s footsteps of owning a shoe business. They are so cool for deciding to establish this in New York and right in the heart of midtown.  They have an amazing factory right in midtown. It is an amazing factory filled with so much amazing energy.  It feels like a family inside where everyone is working hard and doing something traditional and authentic but in a very MODERN way. You see odes to something nostalgic and vintage but then they put this very new twist on it – everyone that works there has that vibe too. Everyone is authentic and feels like they have been inspired by the past but they are moving forward and being innovative. The showroom has so much flair with so much to look at and discover and has a disco ball in the middle of it all.  While the factory is filled with so much charm. In the factory you find so much from shoe molds to fun vintage items. There are sketches everywhere, to product samples to all sorts of materials. This team is filled with true designers and creatives. When people say to me the studio is in the heart of the fashion district that is so cool … this place MODERN VICE FACTORY makes that cool. They are keeping the fashion district alive by creating beautiful innovative product and keeping jobs alive right in Midtown. It is definitely one of the most inspiring places I recently visited where you can see designs are constantly being talked about and tried right there in that factory.  MODERN VICE offers an amazing offering of choices – there is something for everyone. For someone like me I will be a customer for life – they have the shoes that people comment on – they are comfortable and well designed but they are also those shoes that everyone will ask – WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES? You can find a huge range on their website @ MODERN VICE.

modern vice 13modern vice 8

If you always had a dream shoe in mind or are trying to match an outfit you can also custom your own pair – you go right into the leather room pick out the leather and then figure out everything about your shoe. This is such a cool gift. What an amazing gift for the holidays and you can work with the team to come up with your perfect shoe.

I designed a pair of shoes before through a website SHOES OF PREY and loved the process (I have to say they came  out pretty amazing) but this is the opportunity to design the perfect shoe or bootie and to touch the leathers right there and also to support a NEW YORK MADE / MADE IN MIDTOWN business which is super cool.

Modern Vice can make a completely custom made shoe from start to finish and that can serve a wide variety of needs.  Their bespoke shoe process allows you to truly customize any part of the shoe, from the sole to the color, material, fabrics, thickness, shape, and upper pattern design.  They can even make a custom craft inner sole that can be made from measurements of your foot, the height of your arch, and the position of your heel and front toes.  All of these variations and customizations are part of their bespoke process.

modern vice 12

They were so kind to give me a pair I love these because I wore them all summer with jean shorts and dresses and will rock them through the Fall ! I can’t wait to wear them during NYFW

modern vice 5Also I was at a recent event and ran into one of the  guys and he gave me this rad tshirt CHIC SHIT  – I am actually wearing it today to this sneaker show in Bushwwp-image-943014791jpg.jpgick!

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