YogaBed Mattress & Pillows & My Bedgear Pillow

I have been reading a lot of books and studying up on alkaline diets and how there are ways to make you sleep better.  Yet one of the most important first steps is your bed – YOUR MATTRESS. When we moved into our new house the first purchase we said we were going to make is just that – so we did a ton of research and we purchased originally a different mattress then the one I am going to talk about in this blog post. We did research on one of the “top sites” for mattress info and it lead us definitely in the wrong direction. So we were sleeping on that mattress for about a month when I was at an event and saw the

Yogabed being showcased and it was right there for me to try. I said can I lay on it ?  They said that is what it is here for and I did and wooo I was like a new person again. It was firm but soft and I could feel a comparably difference with the mattress at home that had me getting sleepless nights.  This Yogabed —I could cuddle into it but it still felt firm.  I said how do I get one of these asap ?  So we arranged for me to get one asap.  From that point on I was able to get sleep again. My husband wanted a firm mattress and I really would have loved a fluffy pillow top but somehow Yogabed  is the bed that we are both super happy with that feels like both of those things in a way in a strange way.  It holds you up but it also allows you to feel the softness.  Beyond that there is this incredible cooling technology so you never feel like you are sleeping on a hot mattress.  It is really incredible.  I highly recommend the Yogabed to anyone looking for a new mattress. We sleep with our dogs and for some reason when we moved and had the other mattress Barrett wasn’t sleeping with us ever since we got the Yogabed  she is back on the bed and loving it – this mattress is Barrett & Noel approved. wp-image-339147306jpg.jpg

The Yogabed™ Mattress provides softer, cooling comfort thanks to their  YogaGel™ foam technology.

Yoga Instant Response Foam™ offers incredible comfort.
Fully ventilated design infused with a layer of YogaGel™ technology keeps things cool.
Removable, machine-washable cover with easy-glide zipper allows simple installation in 30 seconds.
Crafted with care in the USA.
Free shipping, directly to your door.
Yogabed is comprised of the Yoga Comfort System™, an advanced layered system specifically designed to optimally support the body by dispersing weight evenly and reducing pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

The Yoga Comfort System™ is built on four core elements:

Yoga Instant Response Foam™
Breathable Foam Base
Support Base

Combined, these elements work together to replenish the body, quiet the mind and nourish the soul.

Yogabed contains Yoga Instant Response Foam™, a thin layer of highly reactionary foam that, when combined with YogaGel™, creates the ultimate in pressure relief and comfort.


Smooth delivery under pressure. YogaGel™ technology is designed to cushion while dispersing impact from deep compression. With seven times greater thermal conductivity than traditional memory foam, it keeps things cool and comfortable.


Their naturally cool and responsive foam construction ensures 95% better air flow and three times better heat and moisture wicking than traditional memory foam. All of these features provide the ultimate in support.

Top Reasons to try YOGA BED :

1) A great night’s rest. The state of the art in sleep tech is a new generation of materials like hypoallergenic Yoga Instant Response Foam™ and YogaGel,™ engineered to disperse weight evenly and reduce pressure points. Result: Sleep that replenishes the body, quiets the mind and nourishes the soul.

2) Mistake-proof purchasing. You gotta love the 365-night free trial. More than enough time to decide you love your new Yogabed. Or (less likely) you don’t.

3) Free home delivery. Both shipping and returns are free.

4) Yogabed pillows! Yogabed produces premium pillows, made of the same phenomenal Yoga Instant Response Foam used in their mattress. Because doesn’t your head deserve to be just as comfortable as the rest of your body?

5) Zip-n-Wash Cover. Not all boxed mattresses have this—just Yogabed. It’s a great way to keep a clean, allergen-free sleep surface beneath your sheets. The THERMOCOOL™ fiber helps warm you when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot. And it zips on or off in 30 seconds!

6) Sizes, sizes & more sizes. Something for everyone: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. What’s your pleasure?

7) An iron-clad guarantee. Every new Yogabed can be returned for a full refund within 1 year of purchase. We’ll even arrange to have it picked up.

8) Customer service done right. When you sell your product directly to your customers, there’s a relationship. Which is nice.

9) Born in the USA. Feel like helping out your country’s economy? Yogabed is made in Georgia and shipped right to your door. USA! USA!

wp-image-2100171009jpg.jpgYogabed comes with two beautiful pillows that my husband took because he loves two pillows but at the same time our Yogabed arrived I got the gift of a BEDGEAR pillow and pillowcase set. I love this pillow – it is so soft and comfortable.  I was able to go online and fill out a survey which lead me to find out that the this would be my match :  BALANCE 1.0 PERFORMANCE PILLOW for $99.99 SLEEP TESTED for stomach sleepers or small body types. Balance’s “shock absorber” BOOST™ suspension foam cradles your head, neck and shoulders and conforms to support your sleep position profile, providing smooth motion performance to eliminate pillow bounce and alleviate pressure points, ensuring deep sleep. Maximum recovery is guaranteed with our temperature regulating Dri-Tec® fabric and ventilated Air-X® panels for enhanced airflow.

The success of bedgear is not built solely upon heat and moisture-wicking performance products, but also upon being innovative and willing to take risks when it comes to developing new products to deliver superior sleep quality to enhance your active lifestyle. Creating differentiated products built on our patent-pending sales process to fit your sleep position and body frame, bedgear is redefining the way people look at sleep.

Designed to work with the technology of bedgear performance pillows, their Dri-Tec Performance Pillowcase Sets will help you sleep cool and dry to ensure maximum recovery. The Dri-Tec fabric wicks away heat and moisture while the Air-X mesh sidewalls & hems provide ambient air flow for better, deeper sleep. The performance polyester fabric facilitates air circulation, without trapping heat, for optimal body temperature regulation and comfort. The breathable material won’t affect the feel of your pillow or restrict air flow like a typical cotton pillow case would.

Being able to give this as a gift to someone you love to go through the survey and pick a pillow out best for them is great!

wp-image-364253410jpg.jpgwp-image-644531343jpg.jpgwp-image-1207885357jpg.jpgWe are huge RED SOX fans in the Krause House so loved hearing this :

Bedgear, the leader in Performance Bedding, announced  a new partnership with the Boston Red Sox promoting the shared value of quality sleep and recovery as fundamental to the health and wellness of the players, coaches, trainers and the community. With bedgear as the Official Performance Bedding Partner of the Boston Red Sox, the collaboration represents a joint effort to change the way people view sleep and recovery. The multi-year agreement is highlighted with Bedgear fully customizing the Red Sox Sleep Room at Fenway Park in 2017 with performance bedding gear.

Keeping players healthy and at peak performance is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. The players endure a demanding schedule throughout the season with frequent travel, late-night games and early morning call times. Restorative sleep is essential for stamina, career longevity and keeping injury rates down. “We want to establish from the start the importance of recovery through sleep for our athletes and any individual to perform at their very best. When it comes to success we cannot ignore the importance of sleep and this is why we have developed a relationship with bedgear. Creating the Sleep Room in 2013 put us on the right path, but now we have the opportunity to outfit it with the most innovative category creation of its kind, performance bedding developed by our newest partner bedgear,” said Red Sox President Sam Kennedy.


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