About ten + people emailed me when this place was announced saying you have to go they all know how much I love my ice cream –  Scott & I got tickets and we went this past week.  This is almost like a dream celebrating something I love — similiar to when GAME OF THRONES had their big event at the Barclay Center or yes I am a General Hostipal fan so like Soap Weekend with General Hostipal or Coachella or a super awesome exhibition.  I love that a 24 year old came up with this idea and made it happen – co-founder Maryellis Bunn.The  tour begins with a free scoop of ice cream — flavors that were created by food scientist Irwin Adam. Something to keep in mind that if you do have the ice cream you can’t bring it into the museum so if you want to get started like we did – maybe share one … but it is so good !

Also at the end you get more ice cream – different but so very good !

At the end, before trying the ice cream you have to put a berry pill on your tongue,its   flavorberry that turned the lemon taste from sour to sweet but regardless the ice cream was yummy and so adorable.
ice cream musuem 22The edible balloon with some helium so you put your lips on  it and eat it and then you can say something super funny… so fun ! ice cream new 2ice cream new museum 12ice cream new 3ice cream new 5ice cream new 6ice cream museum 5ice cream museum 8ice cream museum 10ice cream museum 1wp-image-1464984784jpg.jpg

The sprinkle pull is somewhere toward the end of the tour. I wish I had a do – over I think I would have went near the tile instead of in the middle because I was hoping for a cute picture and I couldn’t really capture anything too great. Everytime I tried to lay down or do something there was someone’s foot or butt in my way.

The pool says :

• “Make a wish.”

• ”Dip at your own risk.”

• “Caution: May cause spontaneous happiness.”

My tips are : try to be strategic – go in when there aren’t tons of people and try to get in an area where you can get a photo without someone’s butt in the picture.
It is good to go near the tile and have your back to the tile and do it that way.

I hope they start a better cue because when we went it was impossible to get a good photo.
Also I would wear pants or shorts – I wore a dress and those beads stick to you – just me if I went back I wouldn’t have worn a dress even though my dress had ice cream cones on it and was perfect for the event.

Also most importantly watch out for little kids…. there were little kids everywhere so you want to be careful since they were crawling around etc so you just want to be careful and just observing who is around you and how close they are to you

wp-image-320264288jpg.jpgice cream new 8ice cream new 10

After the sprinkle pool  we got to my favorite part –  TinderLand, a playground featuring an ice-cream-scoop seesaw and an ice-cream-sandwich swing for two. It is adorable – the idea is genius and super fun and I am so glad I had the opportunity to check it out. ice cream new museum 20I I know a dorky photo but we are in LOVE !ice cream museum 2My biggest tip is bring your camera and have some fun !!! It is brilliant ! ice cream museum 3

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