I feel like I might not have written about ice cream on recently which is so strange – I mention it a TON on facebook and instagram. I always joke ” I WORKOUT SO I CAN EAT ICE CREAM” — In a way I do … it is my one vice. I love sweets don’t get me wrong but I could give up everything except ice cream.  I know there is ice cream without sugar and there are some amazing ones and Scott & I make our own ice cream without any sugar and it is pretty tasty but I do love straight up ICE CREAM with sugar and all the decadence. So if I had to give up all sweets – all chocolate chip cookies etc – that would be fine because I already limit my intake because I save myself for ice cream a couple of times a week – I think I am down to 1 – 2 times a week for the real ice cream and even then I try not to eat too much.   A bit ago Caravan was able to create their own ice cream too with ECREAMERY – I think we did a pretty good job called it as decadent as your favorite party dress. So here we go …. some recent ice cream loves and some old favorites. First one of my favorite ice cream flavors is MUNCHIES from Ample Hills Creamery – so much so that my husband will surprise me and go all the way there on the train and get it all packaged and bring it home for movie night Fridays.  We love all the Ample Hills Creamery flavors.

I like to call myself an ice -cream  con·eois·seur which is an ice cream ninja. I have tried all the important guys out there and multiple times.  I would have a full passport if I had to get it stamped every time I went to Ample Hills Creamery.  Being an ice cream lover I had to find the best scooper and I think it is from its Fruzen™ Ice Cream Scoop will help you create the perfect ball of ice cream every time. This scoop has a power tip that can plow into the hardest ice creams, and its unique shape allows it to easily scrape the corners of the ice cream container. You can find it on Urban Trend, an industry leader in stylish and affordable housewares for the family, has just the right tool for your perfect ice cream sundae.Even with a quality scooper, sometimes extra help is needed for picture-perfect ice cream desserts. Here are some tips from Urban Trend –

  • Wet the scooper with room temperature or slightly warm water.
  • Scoop from the edges of the container. Ice cream melts around the outside edges first so start here for a smoother scoop.
  • Don’t dig the ice cream scoop as deep as possible. Instead, aim for about 75 percent buried and drag the scoop at a slightly upward angle until it curls into a perfectly shaped ball!


That time Caravan had their own ice cream with – it was a salty carmel base with m&ms, sprinkles, pretzels, graham crackers and more ICE CREAMSo being a bit of a sneakerhead too … so is Scott… we love our sneakers we love KITH and had to take the parents to KITH TREATS for some yumminess – it is not far from our new house so that is quite awesome. KITH Treats is New York’s first cereal bar, located in the entrance of the KITH Brooklyn flagship store. Founded by Ronnie Fieg, this 150-square-foot alcove was designed to deliver a completely unique experience. Customers can order up to 3 different servings of 23 options of cereal to mix with any of our 25 assorted toppings and 5 different milks. Their Specials menu includes curated mixes by friends-and-family of the brand, such as Action Bronson, Don C, Virgil Abloh, Joe La Puma, Maxwell Osborne, Daniel Arsham, Nigel Sylvester, and 13th Witness. wp-image-926248503jpg.jpgwp-image-814806515jpg.jpgwp-image-1719549332jpg.jpg

So excited in my neighborhood walking distance I have the coolest ice cream place – LADY MOO MOO and it is legit – Benoit Gerin—a former Jean Georges pastry chef—churns out frozen delights for his wholesale ice-cream company, including Wafels & Dinges’ speculoos (a spiced Belgium cookie). It is so good and they are funny you can’t add sprinkles because you won’t get the real flavor of the ice cream. wp-image-225811411jpg.jpgFinally made my way over to Court Street area when I went to see the Eileen Fisher pop up and Blossom did not disappoint – They offer a new and unique style along with numerous flavors to choose from. They make Thai ice cream rolls: First, they prepare a flavored cream base according to your order. Next, they pour the cream base over other fresh ingredients in a freezing pan at a frosty -23 degrees Celsius. They then mix all the ingredient together and spread the mixture thin before it is completely frozen. This will allow them to roll the ice cream and serve it to you with your favorite toppings in 2 minutes or less! Established in 2016.

Instant ice cream rolls originated in Thailand and its popularity quickly expanded to southeast Asia. Thai ice cream rolls were originally made by streets vendors. The Blossom Ice Cream team, are the first to bring this new concept of instant ice cream rolls to downtown Brooklyn in a rustic environment utilizing modern equipment to prepare their ice cream.

wp-image-1352435138jpg.jpgYep that is POCKY and those are mint chocolate chips – so good ! this is the LAVENDER BLUEBERRY roll it was DELICIOUS ! wp-image-1126466646jpg.jpgwp-image-1888420350jpg.jpg

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